mercredi 26 mai 2010

River Island

Again I apologize for the lack in updating this blog and especially the lack in more personal posts (like outfitshots)! I had a huge paper that I needed to turn in yesterday, thanks to my boyfriend (who helped me a lot) it got ready in time. So today I didn't do that much, just hang around in our apartment, being lazy :)
Tomorrow I'm going on a shoppingtrip to Brussels. I'm hoping to still find some pieces from the Fashion Against Aids collection. Too bad H&M here in Louvain didn't have the collection. I really don't understand why this collection is only being sold at 5 shops in Belgium. If only we had an online H&M-shop here in Belgium!
Today I'm showing you guys these gorgeous items from River Island. I stumbled on their site a while ago and saved these pictures for when I'm going shopping in Amsterdam (which I hope to visit soon).

Have a great evening and I hope that I can show you guys some lovely buys tomorrow!
Source: River Island

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  1. I always see these girls on wardrobe remix wearing things from River Island! and we dont have one in the US...we get so many odd choices in the US

  2. heey!
    gelukkig raakte je paper op tijd af! We mogen de vriendjes echt dankbaar zijn he!
    Ik belandde gisteren ook per toeval op de river island site, ik had nog nooit van dat merk gehoord. Omdat we het niet hebben in België natuurlijk, spijtig. Maar ik ontdekte ook (mss beetje laat) dat Topshop nu eindelijk naar België verstuurt (is nog niet lang) woheii. Maar mss wist je dat al lang ;)

  3. I didn't know that brand but it looks cool! I really like the denim dress!


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