samedi 26 juin 2010


Well, my holiday has finally started. I made my last exam last thursday (I did good) and I'm so happy to be free right now :)
I have more time to blog, to do fun stuff, go shopping (sales are almost starting!), time to do whatever I want and you can't believe how happy I am with that!
This is just a quick post, to let you guys know I'm still here. Tomorrow I'll be posting a new outfitshot!
For today I have some great news, well at least for me! I went to a local supermarket yesterday and I found out that they sell macarons in my own town. The joy! Of course I took a box home and they're delicious (I didn't expect them to be so good). I took a picture of them, just to make you guys jalous ;)
Have a great weekend!

3 commentaires:

  1. Great that you're now free and have some holidays!
    Yes, you make me jealous about those macarons.... they seem so delicious...........!!!!!! yummy

    Hope you'll have a great weekend


  2. lekker - waar verkopen ze er? delhaize?


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