mardi 15 juin 2010

Little Things

Sometimes the cheapest things just make your day. I went by the triftstore and casa last week and I bought some cute and very cheap things!
These cute seventies coffeecups were just 10 cents a piece. Really who can resist that? I picked different colors, so they give my kitchen interior a lot of color.
This plate was only 20 cents and they gave me a 50% discount, just too funny for words. I bought this to put some candles on and I love the print.
This water jug is from casa. I already have a few pieces like this, all with different prints and colors, because I love using them as vases.
I know this isn't much for a post, but please bear with me, my exams will be over soon!

6 commentaires:

  1. love the first 2 things!!
    ooh die kopjes: te koddig voor woorden

    succes nog met examens!

  2. Succes met de studie! En wat een leuke spullen heb je gevonden :)

  3. j'aime bien ce rappel de design seventies! le stasses sont cool et le broc (derniere image) est carrément dément!


  4. The things on the first 2 pictures are so nice and cute...


  5. leuke spulletjes vooral de kopjes.
    veel succes met je examens

  6. Heb de kopjes enkele maanden geleden ook op de kop getikt in de kringloopwinkel. Koffie drinken wordt ineens weer een stukje gezelliger:-)


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