samedi 5 juin 2010


Weekends are so much fun. Don't you guys agree with me?
Yesterday the boyfriend and I went for a drink with a friend of ours who just celebrated her birthday. Having drinks outside all evening in this fine weather is just so much fun! Too bad we both need to study for our exams and can't enjoy the warm/hot weather to the fullest.
Yesterday I wore this catdress from Zara. Many things have been said about this dress, because it's really obvious that it's a MiuMiu rip-off from Zara. But I just love it, since I'm a crazy cat lady (like my sister always says). This dress is made for hot weather, such a soft fabric and loose fit, perfect!
Dress: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Purse: Vintage

I still need to tell you guys about last weekend, it was great. I finally met up with my best friends again to go out in our town. They surprised me with my birthdaygift, which was absolutely great. They got me some cans of Dr. Pepper (my favorite drink of all times, but so hard to find in Belgium), a magazine subscription and...
this cute, adorable, delicious, ... birthday-cake! Isn't this the cutest cake you guys have ever seen??? It's made by my friend's sister who makes the most beautiful cakes in the world. It was so yummy, but it made me feel kinda sad to eat this masterpiece (crazy-cat-lady like I said before)!
Thanks again for this great present my sweet friends!

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  1. Oh, de taart is echt geweldig!! Nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag :)
    En heel veel succes met leren. Snap dat het met dit weer niet zo makkelijk is...

  2. it's good to be back hehe =D
    love zhe shoes girl!!! en geweldige bday cake haha

  3. leuke outfits en leuke taart :D

  4. Hi sweetie, hope all is great with you.

    What a cute and lovely cake :-)

    And such a nice and seems comfortable dress.

    All the best


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  5. how fun! loving that adorable kitty dress as well as the super lovely present-that looks so YUM YUM! ((almost too cute to eat))

    loves darlin and happy birthday!

    jess s//

  6. OOOOH! you look fabulous with this "Miu Miu" dress! ;)


  7. I love the colour of your hair.
    So cool that you're having fun. That dress fits you nicely.

    Birthday presents.. I love them, so sweet to make you that cake ;)

  8. perfect voor een poezenlover als jij - kleedje trouwens ook. wanneer ben je jarig?

  9. mmmmmm yummy! it's such a pretty cake


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