lundi 13 juin 2011

Honey Bronze By The Body Shop

I've always been a fan of limited edition collections that get launched by beautybrands, simply because they have such a huge WANT factor. That's no different for the newest summer collection by The Body Shop, Honey Bronze.
The Honey Bronze Make-Up collection consists of bronzing products for face and body. Enriched with community fair trade honey and bees-wax these moisturizing products give the skin a smooth, even, bronzed result.
With this collection The Body Shop also wants to focus on another environmental issue. The declining bee population is something we should all care about, because they're simply too important for us humans. At The Body Shop they totally understand that and they're doing whatever they can to help these animals. Hives at the international head quarters in the UK, donating money to the University of Sussex for further investigation about bee populations in the cities, these are just 2 great initiatives by The Body Shop that I can only applaud.

The Honey Bronze Lip Nectar is available in 2 colors, Honey Bunch and Honey Beige. I have the Honey Beige one and as you can see it's beautiful. This Lip Nectar gives your lips a sublte golden sheen because of the mini glitters in it. It is a little bit sticky, but I don't really mind that in a lipgloss.
I have to say that I'm a real fan of the packaging of this collection. Everything looks so chique and expensive because of the gold and brown.
I'm really happy this lipgloss comes in a tube, I prefer tubes over brushes because it's easier to use when you're on the road (simply my opinion).
This Lip Nectar fits the rest of the collection perfectly and is one of the best shades of lipgloss to have for the summer.

The other products that are available in this collection are Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil (On top of my wishlist!!!), Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder, Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel and Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder.

What do you think of this collection? Did you already buy something from the Honey Bronze collection?

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  1. Really have to have something from this collection! Especially now, when I have a tan :p

  2. i am on my way to the store! i love body shop, i use them for almost 20 years. but they do not have a lot of summer products, i don't think they have sun protector (they used to). so i will definitely check this out because it love it!

  3. Not yet, but I've heard it's quite popular... :)

  4. Ik had er nog niets van gehoord :) Maar die shimmering dry oil lijkt me inderdaad wel een must-have!


  5. Oh, nu wil ik die lipgloss ook hebben!

  6. It's a beautiful bronze for summer!
    A little bit of a extensions made my hair so long!I love it! beijossss


  7. Die Dry Oil komt zeker ook op mijn wishlist. Wss wat te vergelijken met dat product van Nuxe dat we gezien hebben tijdens de persdagen..


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