mardi 14 juin 2011

Jewelry Galore

We all know that accessories can play an important role to make an outfit just that little more special. I guess that was the only thing on my mind during my last shoppingtrip in Antwerp, since I bought quite a few pieces of jewelry that day.
I really wanted to show my new discoveries on the blog, simply because I find them all so beautiful. Hope you don't mind the picture overload.
These cuffs from H&M were on top of my wishlist. I already tried them on a month earlier in The Hague and regretted not buying them, so I rapidly placed these beauties in my shopping basket.
When this H&M necklace made an appearance on Sofie's blog I knew that I had to have it too. Such a beautiful piece and that color gives an instant boost to even the simplest outfit.
I bought this shell necklace from H&M because it made me feel totally nostalgic to my summers spent at Ile d'Oléron. My sister and I always bought necklaces and bracelets decorated with shells, so I just had to buy this one for old times' sake. 
You can't do wrong with some neon colored bracelets, so I dropped these in the basket in a jiffy. I'm even sorry that I didn't buy these in other colors aswell, really have to stop by H&M again soon.
These hair combs are from H&M. I'm still in doubt if I'm ever going to use them (or how I'm going to use them), but I thought they were too beautiful to leave them behind.
Lately I'm totally into wearing earrings again (it really comes and goes). These babies are from New Look and match the ethnic trend that's so hot right now. They're a bit on the heavy side, but so worth it!
I was looking for a statement necklace with something white and I found the perfect one at New Look. Totally what I had in mind!  
This zebra ring from H&M was just too cute to resist, so I just bought it. And as it turns out I'm actually wearing this one quite a lot. It's a little bit over the top, but that's what makes me like it even more.

Do you guys like wearing jewelry? What do you think of my buys?

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  1. Amai, zoveel toffe dingen :D
    Die oorbellen van New Look vind ik het mooist! x

  2. Oh echt allemaal heel mooi! Die kammen vind ik echt tof, maar ik zou ook niet echt weten hoe ik ze zou dragen... Foto's posten als je ze eens uitprobeert he ;)

  3. I adore the blue h&m necklace of course :) have the same one

  4. you are so right about the power of jewelry!! they are the finishing touch, they can make or brake your look. there is only one girl who can create a look without jewelry, afterdrk! to me, the more the better. love the cuffs, such a power woman effect, the power is in the cuffs!!

  5. Wohow impressive collection! Love the zebra ring, have been eyeing owl and elephant rings at vintage shop Jutka & Riska in Antwerp for ages. The cuffs remind me of Princess Yasmin, but in a good way. She's hot! :D x

  6. Jij hebt super leuke juwelen! en is New Look niet de beste winkel als je op zoek bent naar statement pieces!? x

  7. Die eerste twee van H&M heb ik ook, ik hou van die kleur blauw, altijd goed voor colourblocking of om een wit jurkje op te fleuren. Die cuffs zijn mijn trouwens een beetje veel te groot, vrij irritant als ik ze aan heb want ze schuiven steeds van mijn handen 8-) Maar wel mooi!

  8. Super leuke ring!!



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