vendredi 3 juin 2011

Imelda's Inspiration Pt.9

For today's inspiration post I want to do something different. I decided to let you guys take a little look at how my apartment is looking. I took some pictures of the things I like the most.
I already told you guys before that I'm not that matchy-matchy kind of person when it comes to the decoration of my place. If I like it, I buy it and I'll find a way to make it work. You might discribe my style as messy, but neat. It's a mix of Ikea, thriftstore, fleamarket, gifts and random shops.
Anyway, I really hope you like these shots!
Candles are a must! Simply because they make a house more cosy. I also love scented candles and incense sticks.
Some detailed shots from my bookcase, this one from Ikea. It's also rather messy, but I simply like the way that looks. As you can see it's not only books, but also my Hello Kitty collection, some cups and a Marrocan jar, ... 
On top of the bookcase I have my favorite statue of all times. I bought it at Ikea more than 6 years ago and I still find it so beautiful. The vase is new, bought it last friday and I love the purple color! 
This lamp is very special to me. It's a gift from my sweet grandmother and grandfather. The foot of the lamp is from a fleamarket (guess it runs in the family) and the shade comes from my grandmother's sister who sadly passed away a few years ago.
This still life is what you can find in my kitchen. These jars, tin cans and cups are just too beautiful to put away in a closet. So I decided to stall them out! 
Another still life, this time in the bedroom. The flowers are little lamps and are so cute. This cabinet is the favorite sleeping spot of our cat for the moment :) 
A part of the boyfriend's record collection in combination with some of my stuff. My other favorite lamp, the shade is from Ikea and the foot is another fleamarket find from my grandmother and grandfather.

I hope you guys liked the little peak into my life and apartment. I'm curious to know what you guys think, so please let me know in the comments.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow, beautiful! You have a really good taste and it inspires me for my place too!


  2. Oh zo tof om te zien :) heel mooi X

  3. Amai, zo mooi! Echt heel gezellig ingericht! Geeft me direct zin om te gaan shoppen voor mijn kot :)

    Waar haal jij al die leuke dingen, in tweedehandswinkels? Welke dan?

  4. don't like matchy matchy! so this looks perfect to me! I have a lot of Matroesjka's myself, they always look amazing and fun! oh that lamp is to die for!!! and i love the kitchen! make your photos bigger girl because they are amazing! you have style and i love your interior

  5. I love the Russian Matroesjka dolls! And the little cups look so cute stalled out in your kitchen. Lovely place! x

  6. Amai amai! Die kopjes die in je keuken hangen zijn echt super leuk :) (de rest eigenlijk ook allemaal haha)

  7. Heel leuke post, echt een tof appartement! Heel fijn ingericht.

  8. wauw, wat een fijne inrichting! het ziet er heel erg persoonlijk uit, bijeengeraapt maar aan de andere kant vind ik het er heel erg passend uit zien !

  9. Kei leuk ingericht!! Vooral zo uw cups da daar hangen! SUPERmooi

  10. superleuke foto's, echt leuke spulletjes!! vooral fan van de keuken.

    *sprinkles on a cupcake*

  11. lovely!

    i too have a collection of tins, jars, and other various vintage household items-love yours!

    -jess // LF

  12. That's so cute! The cups hanging in the pool is such a great idea! Love the matryoshka doll, I have one too! It's a delicate place like you! beijossss

  13. Je huisje ziet er echt super gezellig uit! Door dat mix-and-match maak je er echt helemaal jou ding van, heel leuk. :)


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