vendredi 24 juin 2011

Imelda's Inspiration Pt.11

I think you've already guessed by looking at the amount of posts that have been posted on my blog the past week, but I've been very busy this week. I guess I'm still struggling with the combination of work and blogging, especially since the sales are right around the corner (we're busy with the preparations). 
I'm sure I'll get things back on track after a good and long sleep ;) So please forgive my absence on this and on your blogs.

Today's post is filled with beautiful black and white pictures that I've collected over the years. I think that black and white photography has such great power and most of the time I like it more.
The funny thing is that I only picked pictures that are (in some way) related to Paris and I only realised it after I uploaded them. What can I say? I'm in love with this city.

I wish you all a very great weekend!

Source: I honestly can't remember the sources for these pictures

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  1. Leuke foto's en ja ik kan maar al te goed snappen dat de combinatie werk+bloggen zeker niet makkelijk moet zijn!

  2. Ik kan me best voorstellen dat het nu superdruk is met al die voorbereidingen voor de solden!

    Take your time! Ik kom sowieso regelmatig langs! :)

  3. do you really have to post something about rain!! the funny part is, i love those photos, so full of Melancholy

  4. Parijs achtervolgt me echt.. Ik zie de laatste dag enkel films en series waar Parijs in voorkomt. In magazines en boeken ookal :p En de enige achtergrond die bij mijn template paste was eentje met Parijs op de achtergrond, hahaa!

  5. Ik zag net dat je kunstgeschiedenis studeert! Waar doe/deed je dat? :)
    Ik ga volgend jaar ook kunstwetenschappen studeren in Gent :)

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  7. these are beautiful! It only makes me wish I was closer to Paris, perhaps like you!! One time visiting is not enough

  8. Ohhhh Gotta love Paris, who desn't?beijoss


  9. great pics :))

    LOVE minnja


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