vendredi 21 mars 2008

It's freezing!

Today the weather is really bad, it's cold, it's raining and sometimes it's even snowing. I really don't like cold weather, only when I can stay inside with some hot tea and a blanket in my couch. I'm in need for warmer weather for more than a month now and it seems that it keeps on getting colder instead. My face is extremely white in this picture, it's not that white in real life, but it's another proof that I'm in desperate need of some sunshine.
So as you can see I'm dressed really warm, because I needed to go shopping for food. The picture is taken inside, because it was too windy aswell!
Scarf: Vintage (my moms)
Jacket: H&M
Sweater: H&M
Gloves: H&M
Skirt: Urban Outfitters (new, I bought it wednesday)
Tights: H&M
Purse: Vintage (my grandmothers)
Shoes: Secondhand

13 commentaires:

  1. well put together! loving the leather jacket!

  2. dear!
    i wish i was in your place, i love winter so much, and in the other hand, i want it to start (i'm tired of summer).

    I love the leather jacket and the scarf!
    Nice outfit.

  3. I like the black and blue combination. Pale is the new tan!

  4. paleness is amazing. Especially when its such a pretty pale. We fair-skinned beauties will take over the world one day.

  5. nice outfit!

    oh damn i hate the weather in holland.

  6. You look great, I love your jacket.

    The weather here is also getting cold and raining, spring came with bad weather.... :(

    Have a nice Easter.


  7. You look good, I like your boots. Here in Mexico the weather i getting warmer. Really warm

  8. i love such mixing of leather and scarfs <3

  9. Great outfit, I really like your boots. I also don't enjoy cold weather, especially when it's windy, it makes me want to curl up in bed and hibernate.

  10. At least you can still look good for being bundled up! I always end up looking like a burrito.

    Happy Easter!

  11. I love this outfit
    the skirt, scarf and leather jacket
    wow wow!

  12. Weather is finally starting to look up for us here (hopefully it will stay) but I hope some of it magically goes your way! The outfit looks great (and cozy).

  13. hey! ik zie dat je van belgie bent!!! ik ook ;)
    Do you mind if I linked you?
    Leuke blog!
    La Fille


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