mardi 11 mars 2008

Sonia Rykiel Ready-to-wear fall 2008

I know I'm a bit late with all the catwalk reviews from all the fashionweeks. I decided to only post the shows I really liked and so I ended up with 5 designers (Sonia Rykiel, Luella, Chloé, Lanvin and the shoes by Miu Miu).
I'm going to post one designer a day, because I'm really busy working for school.
So today I'm showing you guys my favourite looks from the Sonia Rykiel show in Paris. Pictures are taken from

This first dress is my absolute favourite! It's gorgeous!

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  1. i like the first dress too! so pretty!

  2. It's never too late!
    Her collection is gorgeous and creative, especialy the first dress!

  3. you're right, the first dress is gorgeous.


  4. Lovely picks ;)
    I shall make my own fall runway review soon too!

    Well, maybe not that soon, so don't be worried about making your review now... i don't feel like it's 'late'

  5. I really liked the collection and the way it spanned different styles but kept with the happy vibrant theme.

  6. The dreeses are amazing. i loved the first two


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