lundi 17 mars 2008

The Olsen Twins

I've allready seen these pictures from the Olsen twins on a lot of blogs, but I needed to post them myself because I really love their outfits. The pictures were taken while they were in Paris for the fashion week and once again I was stunned by their sense of style and fashion.
They both looked amazing!

I'm never able to tell who is who, but this outfit is my all time favourite. So please can someone help me by telling who this is :)
Everything about this outfit is perfect: the clutch, the big grey sweater, the pants/leggings and the shoes that I've been dreaming of for some time now. I really want these shoes or a similar pair! Does someone know what brand they are?

9 commentaires:

  1. I love long & large grey swaeter! with this purse and leggings, it's the pefect outfit!

  2. It's true that many bloggers post photos of the Olsen twins, but like you, I'm never tired of seeing them. Love their outfits. They are really stylish and cool :)

  3. The main thing I like about them is that they compliment each other so well, it never looks like really odd to stand together (outfit-wise). Plus those sunglasses they've been donning recently are quite something!

  4. I think it's MK it's just not something Ashley would wear. And it's the first appearance for them both after that Heath Ledger died.

    Ashley look so old and a bit like Becks on the second photo. And at the tirth photo MK's outfit comes to it's right. Like it too, and the shoes are gorgeous, but I won't be able to walk in such high heels! :O

  5. that's def ashley. mk is the more ducky fug homeless dressing one.

  6. I so love that outfit as well. The brown shoes with the black leggings are perfection.

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