vendredi 7 mars 2008

Shoppingtrip part 1 - Antwerp

I'm a bit behind with all my posts, but this week was really hectic with lots of school work.
Two weeks ago I went shopping with one of my best friends in Antwerp and of course I did some serious shopping! Lucky me I have a weekend job, so I bought whatever I liked.

I love wearing black clothes, but they do need to have a more special look for me to stand out. With special I just mean that they need to be a little bit more than just a simple black sweater with no details at all.
I found this beautifull piece at Urban Outfitters for 51 euros! We don't have an Urban Outfitters for that long in Belgium and it's not that cheap there, but it is turning into one of my favourite shops really fast.

This bolero is from the Penelope & Monica Cruz collection by Mango. This really is a lovely piece and the color is so bright, perfect for those warmer days comming up! It costed 45 euros, I plan on wearing this a lot so it was worth the price.

Finally I found the perfect high waisted skirt at Vero Moda for 40 euros. It was about time that I found one, because I've been looking for a skirt like this for over a year! I also tried one on in jeans, but the black one was the best.

Two other skirts, the one on the left from Urban Outfitters (44 euros) and the dark blue skirt on the right from Mango (23 euros). I already have lots of skirt, but most of them are floral printed or A-line skirt. It was about time I bought some basic and smaller skirts.

Some cute t-shirts to wear for sleeping or as underwear. The white one I got at Hunkemöller for 12 euros and it has some kind of vintage feeling. It looks more withe in the picture than it actually is. The brown top is from Hema and I got it from my boyfriend as a gift, he's a really good giftshopper and always knows what I really like.

I also bougth myself this really cute clutch at one of the best secondhand shops in Antwerp: Jutka and Riska. It costed 30 euros, but it is in perfect condition and it's rather big.

No shoppingtrip without buying shoes! I can't recall the last shoppingtrip I had without buying me some shoes...
The red slingbacks only costed 10 euros, so why would I leave them in the shop?
Okay, this is an awfull picture, in real life they look much better.

I found this blanket/scarf/... at H&M for 15 euros or so. The print and colors are really pretty and I can imagine us having a nice picknick in the parc with this blanket.

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  1. I think you bought great stuff.
    I love the blue bolero and the red shoes, also the clutch is beautiful.
    The black pieces are great for basics.


  2. Im in love with it all! The blue bolero is my favorite though. Let us know how you wear it!

  3. Love love love the skirts! Great haul.

  4. Excellent purchases. I want everything you buy.


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