mardi 18 mars 2008

Shoes, I want more shoes!

As all of you know by now: I'm addicted to shoes!
While browsing the internet on a moment of distraction, I should be working for school, I found these 2 beauties.
Lately I'm loving this kind of platform shoes and I can't wait to buy lots of similar pairs. I already have one pair from H&M and both the shoes in the picture below made me think of my pair.
Now the first new pair of platforms I need to buy are black and than I need a brown pair, ...
Let the shopping begin!
The purple shoes are Dior from 2007 and the white ones are Marni.

10 commentaires:

  1. I'm also a huge fan of shoes.
    I wasn't but now that i started my collection....
    I'm hopping to buy some in my trip to Lisbon.
    Those are gorgeouse.
    I want a purple pair!!!


  2. Apart from the platform trend I'm really loving the criss cross strappy shoes that have been surfacing. Love these two you posted.

  3. I definitely need some cut out heeled shoes. I'm addicted to shoe purchasing too.

  4. Love the satin shoes, the purple ones are a bit too wild for me!

  5. Those pairs are fabulous but wildly unpractical.

  6. wow the satin ones are fab

  7. Amazing picks. Hopefully you'll find a pair of black pumps as cute as the ones you posted!

  8. Hawt! But could I walk in heels that high...?

  9. omg those purple heels are amaz!

  10. I'm addicted to shoes too! I can't get enough of them. I tend to buy a LOT and only wear like...3 pairs. haha :)


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