mercredi 11 juin 2008


Yesterday I really didn't feel like studying all day, so I decided to go on a little shoppingtrip.
I stopped at h&m and of course I bought some things.

First of all this lovely black dress. I really like it when I'm wearing it, feels so good and looks great. I know it has a lot of wrinkles, but when my bag is big enough I don't want to use plastic bags from the store. So I just put everything together in my bag. So it just needs some ironing and nature is helped a little bit aswell!

These cute flowers I just couldn't resist. First I was only going to buy the white ones, but I liked every color, so I just bought all of them. They have an easy clip, so I can use them on my scarfs and outfits aswell and not only in my hair.

10 commentaires:

  1. You live in Belgium? I was there on vacation last summer and it was such a lovely place. Lots of small villages (compared to what I'm used to in Norway) and nice atmosphere :)

  2. Echt een super mooi jurkje en ook heel lief. Die clips zijn trouwens ook super leuk

  3. What a great buy! The dress is very useful and chic! I can imagine you can creat several outfits with it!

    The flowers ---- oh my god, I love them so much! I went out the other day and bought 2, but I have felt I'm addicted to it! Buying various colour and play with them will be just so stylish and cool xxxxxx

  4. Love your dress and OMG those flowers are so lovely...

  5. ZALIG kleedje!
    ik denk dat ik na de examens ook maar eens naar de h&m moet gaan!;)



  6. I like this dress, it's classic and stylish. Those flowers are cute- I bought black pair last week:)

  7. I love your blog!

    I'm new to fashion blogging and was wondering if you wanted to have a link exchange.

    Please let me know!

  8. love the flower's clip!!
    it is to die for!!

    it will help you to look more classy!!yay!

  9. Nice dress. You always have a good taste. I totally understand that I-don't-want-to-study feeling.
    The flowers are so cute.

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