dimanche 1 juin 2008


Two weeks ago I went to visit my sister (who now is on holidays to the Dominican Republic, lucky her) in Antwerp and of course we went shopping. Together with Brussels the last shoppingtrips untill my exams are finished. Eventhough I promised myself an hour of shopping today, but it's not the same.
I only bought things at Zara that day, maybe because I was waiting for my paycheck and so I had to take it easy.

I love this dress so much, I so love the ruffles and of course my favourite color black. I can't wait to wear this dress!

And my beautiful new shoes. I wanted them for so long. I even sent my sister shopping for them a while ago, because Zara in Leuven didn't have them and at that time they seemed sold out everywhere. When I saw them in store I was so happy, I even yelled trough the shop (that's how much I'm addicted to shopping and shoes, haha).

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  1. the dress is gorgeous! i love the ruffles!

  2. My dear this dress is amazing. I love the rufles.
    And the shoes ;) gorgeous.
    I bet you'll look awesome with both things.
    I'll look forward to see your picture.

    Ps- Thanks for answering me about the shipping :)

  3. Two great finds. I love the ruffles.

  4. shoes are so fierce, they will compliment the ruffly/tiered dress nicely :)

  5. These shoes are great! I love them!
    I tried them but unfortunatelly they are too high...

  6. That dress and those shoes are awesome. I really need ruffles. I'm getting delirious in my desire for them!

  7. Dat jurkje is echt geweldig. Ik moet toch is vaker bij de Zara binnen lopen. En die schoenen! Dat is gewoon echt liefde op het eerste gezicht

  8. Hi,

    Zouden ze de schoenen nog hebben in maat 38 in Antwerpen? Ik heb ze een maand geleden zien staan daar, maar zat toen nogal krap in kas en heb ze -zo stom- niet gekocht... maar nu ik ze regelmatig zie opduiken op fashionblogs ben ik er helemaal wild van!

    Groetjes uit Gent, en leuke blog heb je!

  9. Thanks everybody for the lovely comments!

    @ Liselore: Dankjewel voor de lieve comment. Maar ik zou het eigenlijk niet weten. Toen ik 2 weken geleden in Antwerpen was stonden er nog wel redelijk veel, dus misschien als je geluk hebt vind je ze nog wel in jouw maat.
    Ik weet hoe je je voelt, ik had ze eerst ook niet gekocht en toen kon ik ze nergens meer vinden. Hoe blij was ik wel niet toen ik ze terug zag staan :)

  10. ohh how cute!!! the ruffle´s dress is beautiful!

    you always buy such a nice stuff! :D

  11. oh man, i've totally been lusting after some gladiatoresque heels. if i have any money after rent..that's where it's going!!

    awesome dress too

  12. wow that dress is gorgeous! i'm a sucker when it comes to ruffels!

  13. Vind die schoenen ook echt prachtig, echt lucky you dat je ze nog hebt kunnen bemachtigen!! Leuk jurkje ook!

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  15. Both the dress and shoes are lovely.

  16. Oh my god, the dress is lovely. Wow

    the shoes are gorgeous..excellent purchases.

    I hope things are school are getting better. I just have three papers to go and school is over.

  17. I like both pieces, I would take them from you if I could. Ruffles are very trendy lately, you are on point!

  18. You always buy the most gorgeous items. That dress is beautiful and the shoes are lovely, nice heel!

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