jeudi 12 juin 2008

Beautifull gift

Today I had exam number 2 and it wasn't that great... I had do to some stuff in Excel, but I really hate that, so I tried to do it as good as possible. The second part was really good, it was photoshop and that's just easy. So lets all hope that it isn't that bad in total!

Now on to happier stuff!
When we were in Brussels we also stopped by Zara Home, I really really love that store. My sweet boyfriend, who has great taste when buying gifts, bought me this cute soapholder as a late birthday gift. I just love pieces like this, it looks like it came out of an antique baroque interiour!
I'm not using it as a soapholder, but I use it to keep my rings, earrings, ... on my toilettable.
I just can't stop looking at it, because I love it so much!

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  1. Indeed what a beautiful piece.
    Oh, maybe you've the feeling that things went wrong in your exam, but they are ok.
    Good luck for the next darling.

    PS- Yeah Portugal!!!!
    Well, I must stop saying things about the portuguese team, because other bloggers from other countries might get sad, and I don't want it. ;)

  2. that is an adorable soap dish. I would do the same, I wouldn't want to cover up the pretty pattern with soap :p

  3. wow, the details are so intricate...

  4. You have so many lovely antique/vintage furniture pieces. I am insanely jealous of your decoration skills.

  5. That's adorable. Way too pretty to be covered by a bar of soap.

  6. that is such a treasure piece!


    thanks for the wishes

  7. Wauw wat is het mooi! Het is zeker te mooi om voor zeep te gebruiken, maar gelukkig gebruik je het daar ook niet voor haha.

    En nog succes met je uitslagen van je examen!

  8. Absolutely! This is such a sweet soapholder! It will make you smile when even you wash your hand! The work looks very elegant and vintagy, very very adorable xx

  9. Ugh I hate excel it drives me crazy I can never figure it out.

    I wish we had zara home too, maybe someday?

  10. It is lovely. Such a nice gift.
    Let me tell you that I'm happy that you're posting more often. I enjoy reading your blog.


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