lundi 23 juin 2008

The Body Shop

I finally found some time do to a post again. Well, actually I need to study right now, because I have an exam tomorrow, but I'm so fed up with studying! I'm so tired and I can't remember anything anymore, I just can't wait untill it's friday and I hope I don't do my last 2 exams too bad. They're not going to be great, because I know that I'm not going to study real hard anymore because I just haven't got the energy anymore. I'll stop nagging now!

A while ago I went to The Body Shop and bought myself some really nice new products: Aqua Lily Bodylotion, Aqua Lily Showergel and Aqua Lily Perfume. The smell is so good, really reminds me of summer, which is perfect for now and of course for those nostalgic winterdays.
I also got this little purse for free, because I had to pay more than 30 euros. It contains little samples of: Moringa Body Butter, Aloe Vera Day Cream, Aqua Lilly Perfume and Black Mascara. I love free stuff and even more when it's as great as this.

4 commentaires:

  1. Nice stuff, and the free litle purse is very summer-ish.

    Good luck for your exam darling!!!


  2. cupcakes and cashmere24 juin 2008 à 07:15

    these are pretty enough to leave out on the bathroom counter! i love smells that remind me of seasons.

  3. nice...

    i always get lured into buying stuff like this....
    when i get home i realize that i already have over 5 scrubs, 10 nail files......

    but i never learn!! :(

    a womens weakness..

    hope they get a full use out of you and vice versa..



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