mercredi 23 juillet 2008


A while ago I was saying I never bought anything at COS and now it seems that every time I go there I buy something. Not that i'm complaining, because I just love that store.
Last week I was at COS again with a friend of mine. She bought the most beautifull blouse, but it was the last one left (too bad for me, because I wanted it aswell).
I did buy this really cute pink flowerband for my hair. I can already imagine how great this is going to look with lots of outfits.
I didn't found a better way of making this picture than using an artichoke from my moms table decoration and I like how this picture turned out.

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  1. slechts 1 x geweest en ik vind het ook echt een fantastische winkel, ontzettend origineel. Maar het is precies niet mn helemaal ding. Of misschien moet ik er nog aan wennen. Tis alvast mijn zus haar favoriete winkel geworden hehe
    Vrijdag weer naar brussel en dan spring ik er misschien opnieuw eens binne

  2. Yes, the picture turned very artistic, like it very much.

    Hmm, and I can see you in such lovely outfits with the pink flowerband.


  3. This hairband is just soooooooo pretty, romantic and poetic! Yes, they will dress up many outfits immediately! I love it xxx

  4. very good way to take the picture...
    it´s will look great with lots of outfits, i like it a lot.

  5. I'm not familiar with COS, but that headband looks really cool

  6. You have such a nice hair, very straight.
    I think the headband would look totally amazing on you!

  7. yay! can't wait to see you rock it on your head!


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