samedi 5 juillet 2008


Last monday I went shopping in Hasselt with my mom and sister. We had a nice day out and my mom bought me some lovely things! She's so sweet!
These beautifull sandals are from Zara and for me they're just perfect! They used to be 50 euros, but now they were 30 euros. Always nice to get a discount like that.
Again I got myself some lovely products from The Body Shop. It seems that every time I go to this shop I buy something. This time I chose the White Musk Blush showergel and bodylotion. Another great smelling product from The Body Shop!
I needed another day cream and I decided to buy Aqua Fusion by Lancôme. I have really dry skin and I know this cream is really good for me. I allready had the chance to try it out a while ago, because I won this cream with a magazine contest. It costed 36 euros, but my mom said I didn't need to save up on good facialproducts. I completely agree with her!
While I was making these pictures in our backyard our little rabbit Elvis (even though it's a girl) became very curious, so she wouldn't leave me alone. She's always running around in our backyard and she's so funny and sweet. I took this picture and thought she looked so cute, so I decided to post this picture aswell!

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  1. I also agree with your mother, facial care is very important.
    Now I know!!! If I had started it earlier, my skin will be better now.

    Elvis, LOL, is soooooooo cute.

    All the best dear, take care and be well soon.


  2. she is cute!
    and so are those sandals.
    yay for moms :D

  3. cute sandals! love the bunny :)

  4. Oh your rabbit is so cute, i really really want one!

  5. oooh ik ben vertederd door u konijntje ! en ook door uwe mama! Mama"s zijn toch zo lief hé :)

    Nog een productjes tip (ik heb ook mega droge huid) : de producten van décleor! Maar die lancome van u ziet er ook goed uit!

    Hoe is het met de arm??

  6. Aah wat een lief konijn hebben jullie :D!
    En lekker ingeslagen aan beautyspullen ;)!

  7. So dear, just passing to ask if you're getting better... hope so.

  8. I love bunnies, esp if they has h.u.g.e. back feet!! I used to have one named Theo. Yours is adorable!

  9. i love your sandals...and very good price!.
    face care it´s very importan i´m agree.

  10. wow, a lot of things! love the second dress

  11. Oh wat een lief konijntje!
    Ze kijkt wel een beetje boos :D


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