vendredi 11 juillet 2008

The Antwerp Shoppingtrip

Sorry for being so absent lately, I didn't do a thing this week and outfits shots really aren't nice to look at with my cast. It took me so long to put the pictures online, because I still had to take them and that isn't easy with only one arm. Today my boyfriend helped me out and so here are my buys! Don't mind the awfull pictures and the wrinkled clothes, the clothes were still in their shoppingbags...

I found this lovely dress at H&M and it was love at first sight. I love the color, the fabric, the look, ... it's perfect! Actually this is my first assymetric piece of clothing ever. 
Another dress I picked up at H&M. A few days before I went shopping I saw a friend of mine wearing this dress and I thought it looked so pretty I needed to have it myself. Et voila, I bought it.
I finally bought some skirts at COS and they're so beautifull. Both skirts are from the new collection. I have this everytime when I go sales shopping, I usually buy the new collections.
I posted this blue skirt a while ago and when I find something while shopping that I talked about on my blog: happiness all the way!
So this is the second COS-skirt and I'm so happy I finally found a mustard yellow skirt. And as a little extra this skirt has 2 ribbons at the back to make a lovely bow.
This cute jumper is from Mango and was 50% off. I think it's really cute, because it has little hearts all over it. What surprised me was that I never saw this in stores untill sales started. 
This paillet top is also from Mango and it was on sale. I always wanted a top like this, strangely enough I never found one untill last week.
This lovely Paul & Joe make-up bag is from Urban Outfitters and was 50% off. I always liked this, but it was to expensive in my opinion. Well, it wasn't to expensive anymore last week. At times like that I'm really happy that I waited. I hate it when I buy something and than find it really cheap on sale.
This studded belt is from H&M. It's not like I needed another belt, but again the temptation was to big.

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  1. Dat tweede jurkje.. Dat is gewoon echt pure liefde. Super mooi en van de H&M nog wel! Als je het er niet bij gezet had, dacht ik dat ie ergens anders van was. Maar voor de rest ook super leuke spullen! De jumper is ook super schattig.

  2. I love everything! I've never seen the belts at my H&M's, I must check it out, it's soo cute. And I love the assymetrical dress, I like the pleating and the nice colour. Can't wait to see your wearing all your nice new clothes!

  3. such lovely buys! that first assymetrical dress is amazing, my friend is hosting a brunch, very a la "gossip girl, manhattan style" and I was thinking something like your first dress.

    Oh, btw, lovely new haircut (;

  4. I am in dire need of a studded belt myself. And that one shoulder dress looks really cool, can't wait to see how you wear it!

  5. Hope you're feeling a bit better, at least without pain, the rest we know it's anoying.

    Love your buys, that white and black dress is great, and the top from Mngo it's lovely.

    All the best dear, get well.


  6. Love the second COS-skirt! The colour is beautiful!

  7. The belt is my favorite, I think it's fantastic!

  8. wow everything you got is so wonderful!!! I like the second dress and the studded belt especially!

  9. You have an eye for the good stuff.

  10. I've been meaning to drop by and say hi for nearly 8 months...I can't believe that this is the first comment I've posted. So the despotic Queen sends her best wishes to blogsphere's other Imelda.

  11. ooooh , everything is beautifulll, oh my good!...
    the first drees is perfect!, and i have one drees like the second one, i bought it at HM.

  12. Love the jumper. And the rest makes me want run to H&M and stock up!

  13. That first outfit looks like a must have.

  14. I've got the first dress but in brown colour. I love it!!!
    I like all your finds!

  15. ik ben jaloers op je H&M jurkjes, zijn echt onwijs leuk! Vooral die tweede wil ik zelf al een tijdje maar nog nergen zien hangen helaas!

  16. Wow. I love EVERYTHING.
    The 1st & 3rd items are my favorites.
    You make my craving for shopping stronger. :|

  17. I love the dresses and the skirts.. I'd like to see how you wear the jumper.
    How's your arm(s)?

  18. hey imelda!
    Hopelijk al wat beter met de kneuzingen enzo?
    Wat een leuke kleertjes! Ik zie alles graag wat je kocht :p Gisteren ook geshopt in Brussel met mam en zus en ook in COS geweest (was daar nog nooit geweest). Amai, speciale winkel. Mijn zus was er helemaal weg van en bleef er 4 uur hangen :o. Hoewel ik zowat alles leuk vond in die winkel, paste me niks :( dus ik denk dat ik er gewoon het type niet voor ben ofzo.


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