mercredi 23 juillet 2008


Well, I survived my operation really good. I don't have that much pain, only when I talk too much and not talking is hard for me. I'm not even swollen, so I'm really happy about that. Right now I don't even know what I was so scared about.

My boyfriend and I went to Ikea and to Leuven last week. In Leuven we stopped by a lovely store where I always find the most beautifull stuff. It wasn't any different this time, because I found the most gorgeous jewelbox there. The flowers and the colors are so romantic. I just love pieces like this.
At Ikea we only bought some stuff for the kitten we're going to get when we move into our new apartment. So nothing special to post pictures of, but I'm looking forward to having our little cat. Of course, I'll post pictures when we have her/him.

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  1. hi imelda good buy, the jewelbox is so romantic.....and you been tagged by me, check out my blog for the rules. let me know if you need help wiht the tranlation...and gracias for the coments in my blog

  2. Wat een prachtig doosje! Heerlijk, dat romantische spul!

  3. I'm glad you survived, I'm still healing but I'm much better though.

    I love ikea, I go crazy shopping there!

  4. I'm glad you hadn't much pain, and yu're feeling well.

    Sooooo romantic your box, love it.

    Take care dear.


  5. Hope you get better and better Imelda!

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  7. ik ben ook helemaal weg van je juwelendoosje :)

  8. So cool that the surgery went fine.
    Your box is lovely :)


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