mardi 22 juillet 2008

Dinner Outfit

This picture was taken last week, we didn't have internet for a few days. So that's why I'm posting this so late. 
My dad came home the day before from Alaska, so we decided to celebrate this with a nice dinner out with the family. Dinner was really good and we had a great time together! 
My outfit wasn't really special, but right now everything needs to be comfortable and easy to put on. Tomorrow I need to go to the hospital and maybe I don't need a new cast. That would be great, I'm so hoping for that! Posing like this isn't easy aswell ;)
T-shirt: H&M
Skirt: COS
Shoes: Zara

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  1. As simple as it is, I REALLY like the outfit. It flatters your figure!

    You may have mentioned it in an earlier post (if so, sorry!), but what happened to your arm? Hope you get well soon.

    I'm re-adding you right now, no worries :)

  2. i love the outfit and it looks great on you! and i hope your arm heals soon!

  3. a cute and simple outfit, hope your arm gets better soon!

  4. oh, what happened to your arm, dear?

    ive never seen a cast looking so stylish!!xoxo

  5. You look really nice despite your injury! (you should draw little pairs of shoes on your cast!)
    Your father lives in Alaska? Very cool, I would like to visit one day. My family is military and we can request where we want to live, while I was in high school my mother requested Alaska and we got Hawaii...we didn't complain though!

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments! Good news, I'm home from th hospital and my cast is gone! Happiness!

    @ The clothes horse: No, my dad doesn't live there. He just went on a fishingtrip there.
    Hawaii sounds great!

  7. I love your shoe colletion you have a such good taste, it`s totally my style, luky you becouse you can find grate shoes in your city, i live in mexico and it`s so hard to find stylish clothes or shoes. I`ll love if you check my blog

    gracias, besos

  8. a black sling and you could be working that cast like Madonna! Glad to read it's off and your functional.

  9. You look lovely with this outfit, despite your arm problem.
    Glad you're getting well.
    Love dear


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