jeudi 28 août 2008

Too Busy

I finally found the time to make another outfit post. Things have been so hectic lately! We're both studying for our exams and we're packing our things to move next week, all at the same time. My boyfriends rent already stopped at the beginning of this week, so now he's living in with me. I'm surprised I found a place to make a picture, because we're living between bananaboxes. I'm so looking forward to next week when we finally have the key for the new appartment and we can move some things already, so I can finally study in peace.
Yesterday we went to Zara and H&M as a studybreak, this is what I wore. My hair is a mess, so that's why I have no head. I'm going to the hairdressers as soon as possible!
Dress: H&M
Belt: H&M (Paris)
Shoes: Invito

jeudi 21 août 2008


Was spending some time in the backyard this afternoon, when suddenly it became really dark outside. I took this picture and I really like how it turned out. What do you guys think?

New Things

I'm really happy at the moment! I only need to do 1 exam and that's not untill 5 september and my other 2 exams went pretty good I think. So I feel great!
I still had to post my buys from my last shoppingtrip to Hasselt, so here they are!

A while ago I won a coupon from Vero Moda, I entered a contest that I read about in 1 of my favourite magasines: Glam It. I choose this black sweater, because I can wear it in so many different ways. The 2 pieces of fabric at the neckline are great, I can make a big bow, wear it like this in the picture, etc. I only had to pay 2 euros, because my coupon had a valeu of 20 euros! Thanks so much Glam It!
This is my 3rd piece from the Penelope and Monica Cruz collection for Mango. I already have this bolero in Green. It's such a great piece and that's way I couldn't resist this one in black. It still was on sale and that's way it only costed 11 euros!
I also bought myself some new tights. The purple pair is from New Look and the light grey and petrol blue tights are from Veritas.
Here is the artishoque, making his second appearance on this blog ;) 
I bought these cute sailor buttons at veritas to sew on a red skirt or so.

lundi 18 août 2008

Comme Des Garçons

I'm happy that the fashionblogs are finally starting to post previews from the CDG collaboration with H&M. I'm always excited to see what the designer collection for H&M will look like.
The pieces that I've seen so far aren't really my cup of tea, but I'll make my final decission when the clothes are in store (yep, I'm one of those people who's waiting at the doors untill it's opening time). The only piece that caught my attention from the first moment is this beautifull dark blue coat. Let's pray that I can get my hands on this one!

vendredi 15 août 2008

Out To Dinner

This evening my boyfriend and I had a nice dinner at the restaurant where my parents work during the weekends. Dinner was so delicious and I was so happy I had another chance to dress myself up. This was my outfit!
T-shirt: H&M
Skirt: COS
Purse: Vintage from my grandmother
Shoes: New Look

jeudi 14 août 2008

BFF Gold Card

The ever sweet Seeker from Searching the Inner Me rewarded me with this BFF Gold Card and that made me so happy. Thanks so much girl, I really appreciate this!
At this moment I don't really know who to give this to and I'm way too tired to think of 5 people. I studied the entire day and I'm so bored already. I need to study about all the silver marking systems and you can't believe how boring that is. So if I find 5 people, I'll let you guys know. Still, I'm really happy with this award, is always nice to know that you have friends around the world. Thanks again girl!

mercredi 13 août 2008

My Old Prom Dress

Today my boyfriend and I went shopping in Hasselt, we had a fun day out and of course I bought some stuff. I'll post my buys tomorrow, for today I finally have another outfitshot!
The dress I'm wearing is my old prom dress from 2 years ago, I bought it for prom at my boyfriends school.
Cardigan: H&M
Dress: Zara
Purse: Secondhand
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Invito

I'm Back!

Hello everyone!
I'm so sorry that I was gone for almost 2 weeks, I went on a campingtrip with friends from my youthmovement. We had a great time and had so much fun. I planned to let you guys know that I would be gone for a while, but at the last minute everything became really hectic and I couldn't find the time to post. 
So now you know I'm alive and kicking and I'll be back posting today or tomorrow and of course will check out your blogs. But don't expect too much post the first month, because I have to study for 3 exams. I promise I'll do my best!