lundi 4 avril 2011

Blogger Meeting

Last saturday Antwerp was the place to be. Stéphanie from Stylelab organized a bloggers meeting, in total we were with 17 bloggers (fashion and beauty). I had such a great day and finally got to meet lots of people I only knew online, so I can't wait untill the next edition. 
 Here's the complete group!
All lovely people and great bloggers.
We started the day with some dinner on the sunny terras of Foodmaker. That mozzarella sandwich was delicious!
 After dinner Stéphanie explained what we had to do.
She made a great fashion & beauty quiz, not so easy if you know that we had to take pictures of the answers. The winners of the challenge could win a great goodiebag, so we all were very eager to win :)
 Our team in action, too bad we didn't win.
Afterwards we went to do some shopping and we had something to drink so we had some more time to talk.

I had a wonderful day and want to thank Stéphanie for organizing this great event. And of course everybody who was there and made this day so much fun.

Pictures by Stéphanie & Stéphanie

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  1. Ik vond het echt geweldig en leuk je te leren kennen! Hopelijk tot nog eens :) xx

  2. Oh wauw! dat ziet er gezellig uit :)!

  3. Lucky you! It looks like you had a lot of fun!beijoss

  4. Such a cute experience!!! you all look amazing!

  5. Leuke dag! :) see you donderdag, tof dat je meegaat!

  6. Ziet er allemaal heel erg leuk uit :)

  7. Ziet er fijn uit :) en inderdaad, online friends ontmoeten is altijd wel leuk!
    Tof van de organisatie.


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