mercredi 20 avril 2011

Press Days @ Brussel Pt. 2

So here's the second part of my Press Days recap. There are fewer pictures in this post, mainly because a lot of my pictures failed (I apologize for that).

Our next stop was the Top Secret Communication showroom. I was really surprised to find out they represent Nuxe, one of my favorite beauty brands! I felt like I was in heaven, especially because of the beautiful presentation of the products. I already had a huge Nuxe wishlist, but it got even bigger after this visit :)
 Bio Beauté by Nuxe
 Beautiful Natan dresses

The last agency we visited that day was Bureau Löffler. I already knew that we could expect luxurious brands and I saw some pretty great pieces.
 Jimmy Choo (OMG!)
 Stella Forest
Isn't this dress the most beautiful you've ever seen?
 Stella Forest
These are so cute and are on the wishlist!

A huge thank you to Top Secret Communication and Bureau Löffler for inviting me, it was great seeing your showrooms.

I really hope you liked these 2 posts filled with beautiful goodies, because next week I'll be attending the Press Days in Antwerp. So stay tuned for even more wishlist material!

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  1. Wow, dat kleedje van Stella Forest is inderdaad wel prachtig! :D

  2. Die Jimmy Choos... *zucht*

    x Krizia

  3. OOOW die hakken... Jimmy Choo... <3

  4. ahh die beige laarsjes zijn heerlijk /

  5. Honey check my blog go see and tell what you think xoxo

  6. That's so fun! There are some gorgeous things there (like those SHOES and that DRESS)! I'm a little jealous, let's be honest. (:

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  7. Hey Imelda! I wish I could be there by now just shopping all those shoes!
    Check it out my blog I just rewarded you with the Sunshine Award. beijosssss


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