dimanche 3 avril 2011

Dr. Organic

"Dr. Organic is committed to creating unique, natural products which are functional by design and formulated to capture the key active properties within each of the ingredients used."
Dr. Organic is an English brand specialised in natural beauty products. They only use the finest natural and organic raw materials to create products that are truly functional (due to the retaining of active compounds).
* Dr. Organic strives to only use organically grown ingredients. When that's not possible, they use sustainable natural alternatives.
* Only certified bioactive extracts are used to ensure that each product is truly functional by nature.
* All formulations contain natural ingredients.
* No harsh chemicals are used. Dr. Organic never uses parabens, SLS, ...
* All products are suitable for vegetarians and many of the products are also suitable for vegans.
* The products are tested on human volunteers and not on animals.
* None of the products contain mineral oils.
* All genetically modified organisms are avoided to make sure everything is as natural as possible.
* Preservatives are only used where they're absolutely necessary.
Those of you who read my blog regularly already know that this brand is really something for me. You can believe how happy I was when I received a whole bunch of products to test and review for this blog.
Dr. Organic has 9 different product lines, with different organic key ingredients. I picked out the Organic Rose Otto line, simply because I really like the smell of roses. Here you can find out more about the characteristics of each line.
"Organic Rose Otto is a rich, moisturising essential oil renowned for its skin toning and anti-aging properties. Heralded as the most exclusive and expensive of essential oils. Best for rejuvenating the skin, anti-aging and toning."
On the back of each product you can find the key ingredients and a complete list of the ingredients. You get some information about what the product actually does, personally written by Dr. O himself ;) Everything you need to know can be found on the product itself, which is a plus.

I'm ending this post with a review, but you can expect more Dr. Organic reviews on this blog in the next couple of weeks/months.
I couldn't wait trying out the Rose Otto Hand & Nail Cream when I opened my delivery. I have really dry hands, so I'm always on a search to find creams that make my hands soft and hydrated.
The cream itself is a rather thick white substance. You only need a little drop because you easily have too much of the product. While applying it on my hands I feel like I'm standing in the middle of a rose garden, smells good! 
I hate the feeling of dry hands and this cream does what is promised, my hands are hydrated and don't feel dry anymore. The only downside is that this hand cream is a little bit greasy and it takes a while before it's totally absorbed. I only use it in the evening, so I can get full benefit of the intensive 12 hour rescue this hand cream promises.
So if you're looking for good moisturising hand cream for in the evening (or if you don't mind that greasy feeling) I would really recommend this one by Dr. Organic.
All Dr. Organic products are available in the Holland&Barret webshop and at De Tuinen(online and in shops).
Did you guys already know this brand? Are you curious to read the rest of my reviews and find out more about Dr. Organic?

Source: Dr. Organic

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  1. I'm sorry to say, but your blog starts to look like an advertisment website lately.
    I'm dissapointed because adverstising is not the reason why people do read blogs in the first place!

  2. Ik heb zelf nog niets van dit merk, maar klinkt goed!! Ben ik wel beniewd naar...

  3. Had er al eens van gehoord en wil het zeer graag eens uitproberen, maar heb het helaas nog niet gevonden in de winkels.

  4. Thank you for showing an array of organic products. It's a subject I know very little about, so I like learning from you :)

  5. Ik kende het merk helemaal niet, ziet er wel fijn uit! :)

  6. heb er wel een keertje van gehoord maar dat is het dan ook :D ik ben benieuwd! :D

  7. I wonder if the ingredients are really organic and as natural as possible (and what they mean by that).
    I searched about it on the brands website, but there is no oficial certification mentioned, either than their own text and the logo "Bio Activ" on the pakkaging wich i also could not retrieve on internet.

    This does not answer to my question. Also vaster reachers on Google did not provide further information on this matter.

    I believe it is important to have consistent proof of the product being organic as even it name has this precious concept in it Dr.Organic.

    If you have further information on it please post.


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