mardi 5 avril 2011

Sandrina Fasoli: Spring-Summer 2011

Sandrina Fasoli has been on my fashionradar ever since the collaboration with Mango in 2009 got announced. Since than I've been a huge fan of the brand.
The spring-summer collection for this year has stolen my heart. I fell for the details, the different fabrics, the clean cuts, ... The campaign, shot by Benjamin Travade, has a vintage feeling to it. Every picture is more beautiful than the previous one (I had to stop myself from putting every single photo on my blog).

What do you guys think of this collection?

Source: Sandrina Fasoli

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  1. LOVE the pink top on the last picture! (or is it a dress?) :) Heel mooie afwerking op de rug. Ligt deze collectie nu al in de winkels bij Mango?


  2. wauw, die collectie is idd erg mooi!

  3. Love it! Die vogelprintbroek had ik ook al gezien bij Tan-dem en ik vind ze werkelijk super :) ook heel mooie kleedjes enzo, lovely!

  4. Such a fantastic collection. Inspirational.

    Hope all is OK with you sweetie.


  5. there's not one thing about this collection that i didn't like...the printed trousers and glittery top are a definite fave :)

    eclectic du jour

  6. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    @Ingeborg: Deze collectie is geen samenwerking met Mango, maar de eigen collectie. In 2009 was er een samenwerking met Mange, maar deze was jammer genoeg maar éénmalig.

  7. Hele mooie foto's
    het model is een vriendin van me, super mooi meisje toch :)


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