mardi 23 novembre 2010

Red Furniture

One of my favorite things to do is decorating! I love it when I have a clear and empty space that has to be decorated, maybe that's why I love moving so much!
My apartment is a mixture of different pieces of furniture. I'm not the kind of girl that wants everything in one style, I like a combination of styles and furniture. I even like mixing furniture in different colors! Right now you might be thinking that my apartment is looking really crazy, but that's not the case. I hope that we'll have some sunshine in the coming days so I can make some pictures of my interior to share with you guys.
As always I'm spending lots of time on the IKEA website and I've found some very pretty pieces of furniture that I would love to have! The funny thing is that all these pieces are red.
Maybe it's time for me to move to a bigger place, so I can buy these lovelies!

Now let's talk fashion! Did you guys stopped by H&M today and did you get something from the Lanvin for H&M collection? I'm really curious to know if you bought anything!
I stayed at home, because the collection wasn't really my cup of tea!

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  1. Thanks for your comment! I didn't went to H&M today, don't like the Lanvin collection that much... I like your header picture, we even discussed it in a photography class, it's really famous :)

  2. its gorgeous and really makes your home!

  3. I also didn't like it so much! only the dresses!


  4. none of the H&m's by me carried the pieces so we were left out :(

    I love redecorating and buying new furniture! sometimes even moreso than clothes. I really want to buy a new couch but am considering just re upholstering the one I have in Ikea fabric. I pretty much love anything Ikea makes!!

  5. dankjewel voor je leuke reactie haha!
    Gave blog!

    Liefs Nina

  6. love these items :) Btw: you have a seriously awesome header :D


  7. oh and yes, I scored an amazing Lanvin-dress :D

  8. Love the red furniture. I avoided H&M - I love the funky bracelet but hardcore fashionista shoppers kinda scare me :(

  9. Didn't buy a thing, the fabric was awfull!

    come join my giveaway! I am sure you will love it!


  10. Geen Lanvin x H&M voor mij, wegens een klein katerke en nog te veel werk, maar de collectie was ook niet echt iets voor mij. Er zaten wel mooie dingen tussen, maar niets wat ik meer dan 1x zou dragen of uberhaupt een gelegenheid voor zou vinden.

    Mooie meubeltjes hebt ge uitgezocht! Ik zit sinds dit jaar op een nieuw kot en ik heb nog geen tijd gehad om het in te richten. De meubels heb ik al maar dat is het ook, moet er dringend eens werk van maken!

  11. De linnenkast van Hemnes qua meubel vind ik wel schoon. 't Is alleen de binnenkant die er niet zo goed uitziet met name die streepkes. Ik vind dat er nogal goedkoop uitzien. Maar met een bijpassend behangpapierke in de achterkant is dat een perfect match!

  12. I like the first picture : Hemnes Linen Cabinet. It's really nice in red !


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