mardi 4 décembre 2007

Back on track

Finally I'm back in business with blogging. I'm really sorry, but my internet refused to work and my computer broke down. But now I have a new computer, a gorgeous white macbook, so I won't leave you guys alone again.
Since there was no computer-time last week and the week before I did some serious shopping. But I didn't mind that at all.

The first buy is a black dress/long t-shirt with glitters from H&M. I just love the period around the holidays, there are always nice shiny things in stores and I just love them!
This is a grey/silver sweater by Vero Moda and again shiny. It's really loose and it has really wide sleeves, so comfy.
I finally found my black shinny latex looking leggings at H&M. Kinda expensive for leggings, 20 euros, but I just couldn't resist. The bleu top is also from H&M, I plan on using it as a bikini. It made me think of the color of an eighties prom dress.
The fake fur scarf and grey hat are from H&M (again). I was looking for a fur stole for some time now, but I wasn't able to find a nice one. So I bought this one, really cheap and I like it.
If you look good you can see a brooche on my hat. I bought it in a secondhand shop, it's nice to make an outfit look more pretty.
I also bought a giftset at H&M for myself. A girl can spoil herself once in a while!
Again another bag... I just needed to buy this one, it's by Mango and I don't have that many red bags. So why not buy it?
My boyfriend gave me the complete series of sex and the city as an early Christmas gift. So awesome. I can get some serious outfit inspiration out of that.
And I bought myself a book about stiletto's and one from taschen about Fashion Now. 
I decided that from now on I'm going to start with buying one book a week, like I used to do.
I also bought two pair of shoes, but I'm unable to upload that photo now, so I'll do that tomorrow.

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