dimanche 30 décembre 2007


Well, I don't wear earrings, because I have 8mm strechings. But I do love earrings and I buy pretty ones from time to time!
Yesterday I helped my sister clean out her room and I found these gorgeous earrings. She's got them from our grandmother, but I liked them so much she gave them to me. Happy me!
I plan to sew them on a black sweater or so, I'm not sure. But I'll find something nice to do with them.
Sorry for the bad picture, but I tried it several times and this one was the best.

7 commentaires:

  1. Earrings. I need some new ones.

    I really want cool anchors ones.


  2. I'm not an earring "girl", don't know why, because I have several, and I like them. I suppose it's because much time I wear necklaces and don’t like to mix.
    Yours are really gorgeous!!!

  3. Pretty! I don't have my ears pierced anymore after an infection, but I always want to buy earrings when I come across pretty ones. Its sad.

  4. i love granma´s jewellry.

    Yours are really nice. So girly and classy!

  5. They are lovely. It's a shame I don't wear earrings.

  6. They would make awfully cute buttons on a little black vest or something! I love that you get creative with things like earrings!


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