vendredi 28 décembre 2007

Inventory part 4

Today I'm gonna talk about my bags. As I said a few posts below, I'm a baglady! Well I've counted my bags and I really really am a baglady. I own 42 bags and I'm proud of that.
Everyone at home says I'm crazy, but I can't help myself. Everytime I go shopping I find nice bags and I need to buy them.
I've taken some pictures, but not all my bags are in the pictures. I've picked my favourites.
I mostly buy clutches, they are my most favourite kind of bag/purse.

These are cluthes and purses that I can use as cluthes. All of them are secondhand except the red one is by Mango.

These are some smaller purses. The green one is by Bershka, the yellow one by New Look and the others are by H&M.

The gold one I got at H&M the others are secondhand. The black one on the left costed 3 euro, the other black one was only 1 euro and the red one was 2 euros.

This black purse on the left is my favourite. I got it from my grandmother last year. The clutches I got at a secondhand store and the one on the right is by H&M.

Once in a while I buy myself a big bag that I can use to go away for a weekend. This is my favourite amoung the bigger bags. I got it at Friss & Company and it costed 75 euros, but it was worth it.

7 commentaires:

  1. great bag collection!!
    I wish I have half of it.


  2. My family and friends think I'm bad, I only have about twenty bags.
    I really like the yellow one though.

  3. I love your vintage bag collection I am beyond jealous!!!

  4. I adore those clutches! I'm also a clutch person.

  5. I love your bags!
    I too have far too many bags! Bag hoarders unite! Perhaps there should be a bag swap website. Or is there?

    Cute blog!

  6. Thx for the really nice comments you guys!
    Like I said, my mom and dad say I'm crazy, but a girl can never have enough bags. Right?!


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