samedi 29 décembre 2007

Inventory part 5

This is the last part of my inventory, but it is my favourite part. Today I'm telling you guys about my shoe-collection.
I own 35 pairs of shoes. But I'm not stopping at this amount, I just love buying shoes. The feeling when you come home with a new pair is super! Everytime I buy a new pair, I can't stop looking at them. 
I think, no I know, that I'm an addict.

I tried to put the shoes together by color and sort (pumps, flats and boots). A few pairs aren't in the pictures.

A part of my pump-collection. The brown ones are all secondhand, the red ones are by New Look and by Zara. The silver ones are Zara aswell and the black ones are by Urban Outfitters.
The Burgundy coloured pumps are my favourite ones! I got them at a secondhand shop in Leuven, they costed 25 euros. When I got home I noticed that they are Casa Dei's and when I looked it up on the internet I found out that they are expensive. So well done! 
3 pairs by New Look and the Turquoise slingbacks are secondhand for only 10 euros.
From left to right, top row: H&M, secondhand, secondhand.
From left to right: H&M, New Look, Sacha.
My flats. Really comfortable in summer and handy when I go shopping.
Left to right, top row: Zara, Sacha, Bershka.
Left to right: shop in Paris (only 2 euros), Zara, Shop in Paris.
My ankle boots. Weird, I really like ankle boots, but I only own 2 pair. The blue ones are H&M and the black ones are from a little shop in Leuven.
My boots. I just love wearing boots. I own 7 pairs of boots, but I need to buy more. I wear them so much that I need to go to the shoemaker once every 2 weeks.
Left to right: Secondhand (only 15 euros), secondhand, Zara.
Left to right: Invito, Invito and secondhand.

By posting this I really feel the need to go shopping again. But the sales are coming, so I think I might take 1 day of from studying to go shopping. I hope that I find lots of shoes.

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  1. Aw thank you! As soon as I'm on my personal computer I will add you too!
    Well about your shoes: I love your blue ankle boots and the black urban outfitters pumps are gorgeous.
    Just the other day I went and got some on sale fendi black pumps! I'm a big shoe lover. Especially boots right now!


  2. wowwwww, i love your shoes! i want them all ;)

  3. I happen to be addicted to buying shoes too! But I don't own as many pairs as you do. I really dig those blue ankle boots from H&M.

  4. I'm going to wait you to fall asleep and steal them ;)
    I wasn't a huge fan of shoes until now that I’m starting my collection, but it's very small...
    love yours

  5. I love your boots collection. Now I feel that I have nothing to wear.

  6. Gosh, you sure are a regular Imelda! I love your collection of pumps, especially the vintage ones. I'm never able to find a nice vintage pair, I don't have much luck with sizes...

  7. where would us women be without shoes?
    probably in the same place, but with better feet.
    still... i feel i could never live without my shoe collection


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