mercredi 26 décembre 2007

Inventory part 3

Today I'm showing you guys my sunglasses.
I don't have that much sunglasses, I have 9. But most people I know only have 1 or 2, so my collection is a little bit bigger.
3 of my sunglasses aren't in the picuture, that's because I forgot them in Leuven.
Most of my glasses are by H&M, I really like the design of the H&M glasses and they're really cheap. Every year I buy at least 2 sunglasses at H&M.
The second on the right used to be my grandmothers, but she gave it to me.
As you can see I really like big sunglasses, small glasses really don't look good when I wear them.
I'm hoping for summer and sunny weather to come back soon, so I can start wearing them again.

5 commentaires:

  1. I love them!!
    I found some vintage ones at the thrift store for .99 cents.I forgot the brand but I ended up selling them for 80 bucks on ebay!

  2. Nie nix 9 Zonnebrillen! Ma hoe meer keus hoe beter zeker... Nog es dank voor de VIP kruidvat toestanden ;-)

  3. H&M does have the best selection and lowest prices. I was actually just there today and was about to buy a pair. Like you, I only look good with big sunglasses.

  4. Very nice collection , and H&M does have some cool ones for cheap , but i found this site that has tons of vinatge sunglasses and deadstock all for 9.99.


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