mardi 19 février 2008

Grades and buys

Today was a real stressfull day, because I got my grades today. Actually I was being stressed for nothing, my grades are really good. So that means I passed every course! Whiiii for me!

Last week I went shopping, but I didn't have any time to post the pictures yet.
I bought myself another pair of shoes, these cute purple ones from H&M. I was searching platform heels for some time now and I then I found these beautiful purple ones. They're great!

This skirt was a real bargain, only 7 euros at one of my favourite seconhand shops in Antwerp.
It's flashy, but with spring getting closer I just couldn't resist this one.

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  1. Ik had die sandaaltjes al eerder gespot bij Agathe, ze zijn echt zo abnormaal mooi! Ik wil ze echt al een maand ofzo, maar vind ze nergens...

  2. Congratulations for your good grades!!!

    Wow dear, what great shoes, I want them!!!!

    The skirt is also very nice and what a bargain...

    Once again congrats for have passed.


  3. Loving the heels, & it's definetly hard to resist floral skirts with spring so near.

  4. Those shoes are stunning!
    They will turn heads!

  5. Oh my God! These shoes are so beautiful!! I saw them in H&M in brown but it's better in purple! :)

  6. Hi :)

    thank you so much for your comments! oh and congrats for having great grades!

    Love the shoes :D


  7. I love those purple pumps! They have such a sleek color.

  8. Congrats on great grades!!! And what fantastic buy- those heels are gorgeous :)

  9. oh!!!
    lovely shoes... i love purple.
    They are so perfect :D


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