mercredi 30 juillet 2008


I just love holidays, nothing needs to be done and you can just do wathever you want. I'm going to miss this when I'm studying for my exams next month.
This week the weather finally turned out great and I spent lots of time at our pool. I didn't go out shopping this week, but I did shop mentally at Polyvore. I found lots of great stuff online and made 3 little collages. My Polyvore skills aren't that good yet, but I just really wanted to show you guys the beautifull things I found online. I love Polyvore, it makes you feel like a real stylist and it's just my dream to be a stylist. Details of the pieces are at the bottom of every collage.
This collage really made me think of Carrie from SATC.
Structured Balenciaga Dress, Blue Belt, YSL Platform, Swing Mac Topshop Coat and Lauren Menkin Pleated Knit Clutch.

Edit: I just found out that the lovely Maxie from La Fille Back Sur Le Web gave me the Premio 2008 Award. Thanks so much girl, I really appreciate this. Love your blog!

mercredi 23 juillet 2008


A while ago I was saying I never bought anything at COS and now it seems that every time I go there I buy something. Not that i'm complaining, because I just love that store.
Last week I was at COS again with a friend of mine. She bought the most beautifull blouse, but it was the last one left (too bad for me, because I wanted it aswell).
I did buy this really cute pink flowerband for my hair. I can already imagine how great this is going to look with lots of outfits.
I didn't found a better way of making this picture than using an artichoke from my moms table decoration and I like how this picture turned out.


Well, I survived my operation really good. I don't have that much pain, only when I talk too much and not talking is hard for me. I'm not even swollen, so I'm really happy about that. Right now I don't even know what I was so scared about.

My boyfriend and I went to Ikea and to Leuven last week. In Leuven we stopped by a lovely store where I always find the most beautifull stuff. It wasn't any different this time, because I found the most gorgeous jewelbox there. The flowers and the colors are so romantic. I just love pieces like this.
At Ikea we only bought some stuff for the kitten we're going to get when we move into our new apartment. So nothing special to post pictures of, but I'm looking forward to having our little cat. Of course, I'll post pictures when we have her/him.


Last monday it was the Belgian national holiday and so my boyfriend and I made a trip to Eindhoven in Holland. We used to go there several times a year, but now it was more than 2 years ago. So I was happy to go there once again, because it's my shoe-paradise. I just love shopping in Holland!
Since I didn't have that much money I took it easy and only bought two things.
First of all this gorgeous bag from Invito. It was already from the new collection, but I just had to have this one. It's big enough to carry lots of stuff including my laptop. It's the perfect weekendbag. The color is much lighter in real, but this was the best I could do and photoshop didn't help me either.
Of course I bought myself some shoes. These are from Zara and were on sale. It was the last pair and it used to be 80 euros and now they only were 30 euros. Now, who could resist that? I already have these shoes in brown, but they're so comfortable I just wanted this pair aswell.

I have some good news to tell! Yesterday I went to the hospital to get my elbow checked out and I don't need to wear a new cast. I'm so happy with that, because since today the weather is really good and now I can finally enjoy it.
But, tomorrow I need to go to the hospital again... I need to get my wisdom teeth removed and I'm pretty scared for that. I've heard so much horror stories about that! I hope everything goes well and maybe I'll be back tomorrow or saturday posting, because I know I'll get bored soon. So everybody, wish me luck! 

mardi 22 juillet 2008

Dinner Outfit

This picture was taken last week, we didn't have internet for a few days. So that's why I'm posting this so late. 
My dad came home the day before from Alaska, so we decided to celebrate this with a nice dinner out with the family. Dinner was really good and we had a great time together! 
My outfit wasn't really special, but right now everything needs to be comfortable and easy to put on. Tomorrow I need to go to the hospital and maybe I don't need a new cast. That would be great, I'm so hoping for that! Posing like this isn't easy aswell ;)
T-shirt: H&M
Skirt: COS
Shoes: Zara

vendredi 11 juillet 2008

New Shoes

Last week I went on a little shoppingtrip with my boyfriend, because I was so tired of spending my holidays inside. The only thing I tried on and bought that day are shoes, what else!?

This first pair is from Mango and I'm so in love with these shoes. My boyfriend bought them as a gift for me, so sweet! These are already new collection, but I just needed to own them! I can't wait to wear them!
The second pair is from New Look and was on sale. They only costed 15 euros, because they were 70% off! Lucky me!

The Antwerp Shoppingtrip

Sorry for being so absent lately, I didn't do a thing this week and outfits shots really aren't nice to look at with my cast. It took me so long to put the pictures online, because I still had to take them and that isn't easy with only one arm. Today my boyfriend helped me out and so here are my buys! Don't mind the awfull pictures and the wrinkled clothes, the clothes were still in their shoppingbags...

I found this lovely dress at H&M and it was love at first sight. I love the color, the fabric, the look, ... it's perfect! Actually this is my first assymetric piece of clothing ever. 
Another dress I picked up at H&M. A few days before I went shopping I saw a friend of mine wearing this dress and I thought it looked so pretty I needed to have it myself. Et voila, I bought it.
I finally bought some skirts at COS and they're so beautifull. Both skirts are from the new collection. I have this everytime when I go sales shopping, I usually buy the new collections.
I posted this blue skirt a while ago and when I find something while shopping that I talked about on my blog: happiness all the way!
So this is the second COS-skirt and I'm so happy I finally found a mustard yellow skirt. And as a little extra this skirt has 2 ribbons at the back to make a lovely bow.
This cute jumper is from Mango and was 50% off. I think it's really cute, because it has little hearts all over it. What surprised me was that I never saw this in stores untill sales started. 
This paillet top is also from Mango and it was on sale. I always wanted a top like this, strangely enough I never found one untill last week.
This lovely Paul & Joe make-up bag is from Urban Outfitters and was 50% off. I always liked this, but it was to expensive in my opinion. Well, it wasn't to expensive anymore last week. At times like that I'm really happy that I waited. I hate it when I buy something and than find it really cheap on sale.
This studded belt is from H&M. It's not like I needed another belt, but again the temptation was to big.

samedi 5 juillet 2008


Last monday I went shopping in Hasselt with my mom and sister. We had a nice day out and my mom bought me some lovely things! She's so sweet!
These beautifull sandals are from Zara and for me they're just perfect! They used to be 50 euros, but now they were 30 euros. Always nice to get a discount like that.
Again I got myself some lovely products from The Body Shop. It seems that every time I go to this shop I buy something. This time I chose the White Musk Blush showergel and bodylotion. Another great smelling product from The Body Shop!
I needed another day cream and I decided to buy Aqua Fusion by Lancôme. I have really dry skin and I know this cream is really good for me. I allready had the chance to try it out a while ago, because I won this cream with a magazine contest. It costed 36 euros, but my mom said I didn't need to save up on good facialproducts. I completely agree with her!
While I was making these pictures in our backyard our little rabbit Elvis (even though it's a girl) became very curious, so she wouldn't leave me alone. She's always running around in our backyard and she's so funny and sweet. I took this picture and thought she looked so cute, so I decided to post this picture aswell!

vendredi 4 juillet 2008

Why Me?

Okay, this week is turning out so bad!
My right arm was feeling a lot better, so I went to get my grades. I need to retake 3 exams, but I had an 6, 8 and 9, so I will get it right next time.
Yesterday I went shopping in Antwerp and I bought lovely stuff. On the way to the car I fell of a tiny little step. The people who saw it said there were allready a lot of people who fell there... I fell on my left arm (the one that wasn't injuired) and was in so much pain. So yesterday evening we drove to the emergency room to get my arm checked and turns out I broke my left elbow (thirth time I broke this arm). I need to wear a cast for 4 - 6 weeks. So my outfitshots will be with a huge white cast, if I'm able to get into my clothes! What a start for my holidays, 2 arms that are injuired!
I promise my buys will be online tomorrow and I'll make more time to stop by your blogs!

mardi 1 juillet 2008

No Updates

I'm sorry you guys! There will be no new posts today and maybe tomorrow aswell. I fell down the stairs today, stupid me and I wasn't even wearing heels :) Spent half the day at the doctors, because he was afraid I broke my elbow and ripped off a muscle in my shoulder...
But this evening we got the relieving news it's just bruised really hard, so I need to take it slow.
As you guys can guess I dind't feel like making pictures of my new purchases from yesterday, but I promise they'll be online as soon as I'm feeling better.
Tomorrow I need to go and get my results from my exams, so I'm really stressed out at the moment. I hope everything will be allright.
I'll be back soon, miss you guys!