mercredi 21 avril 2010

Last Sunday

Last sunday was the best sunday we've had so far! The weather was so nice. I, the one who is always cold, didn't even wear a sweater for the first time in months. Can't wait untill summer is here!
Didn't do that much last sunday. Went to a gardencenter with my sister, the shop also sells lots of things for cats & dogs (that's why we went there). Didn't buy anything. In the late afternoon my boyfriend and I went to visit our friends who just became parents. Such a cute little baby boy!
And here is the outfit:

Sunglasses: Vintage (gift from my sister)
Dress: New Look
Legging: H&M
Sandals: New Look (gift from my parents)

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  1. Dat jurkje is cute! Erg mooi met die sandaaltjes

  2. Hi Imelda

    I stumbled upon your blog while i was researching the Dries Van Noten stockverkoop and found your old post about your blue blazer you found in the sales last spring.

    Im planning to travel to Antwerpen from Amsterdam for the sales this weekend, however
    I've been trying to figure out the best way to visit as many sales as possible in one weekend,
    but it seems that the stocksale locations are placed quite far away from each other/public

    Being a seasoned stocksale goer, could you recommend the best way to get
    around Antwerpen without a car to visit the stocksales?
    Two that I particularly want to visit are the Dries Van Noten and the Ann Demeulemeester/Haider Ackermann
    sales - however after googlemapping the locations of these sales I've realised that they are quite far away from
    each other and from public transportation routes.
    Can you suggest cheapest and easiest ways to get between the sales?

    Keep up the excellent work with the blog and any help you can provide would be much appreciated.
    Hope you dont mind getting such a looonnnng comment out of the blue from a stranger!
    I might only be staying for the day on Saturday as I've yet to organise any accomdation yet and most of the cheap hostels are booked! Still I'm very much looking forward to visiting Antwerpen this weekend and of course the stocksales!


  3. Hey Tanya,

    First of all thanks for your comment, I really don't mind long comments :)
    How great that you're going to the stocksales this weekend. I was planning on going today, but I'm feeling sick...

    The Dries Van Noten sale is being held at Godefriduskaai, which really isn't that far a walk from the Meir (Central shoppingstreet). So the best way to get there is by foot, it's a little walk, but worth it!
    Every stocksale that's being held at an adress with zipcode 2000 is very easy to reach by foot.

    To get to the Ann De Meulemeester stocksale (Populierenlaan 34, 2020 Antwerpen) you can take metroline number 2 (Linkeroever-Hoboken) in the direction of Hoboken and get of at the stop 'Antwerpen Olympiade'. From there it's a short walk to the stocksale.

    I'll give you the site of our public transport company in Belgium so you can enter any other adress that you want to visit:
    It's really easy to find directions with this site.

    Well, I hope this has been of help to you! If you have any other questions, just ask!
    And I wish you a great shoppingday in Antwerp!


  4. leuke bril - zondag was echt een relax dag en dit weekend nog beter, yes yes yes

  5. wat een leuk zomers outfitje
    je staat super met die bril trouwens

  6. thank you so much for all your helpful information imelda! i visited antwerpen this last weekend and thanks to your tips i had a great time!

    bought 2 tops from the ann d sale but wasnt so lucky at dries - was really hoping theyd have a wider shoe selection but it was more than enough for me to be in that warehouse surrounded by all that wonderful dries!

    hope you were feeling better and made it to the sales!
    antwerpen is a great city and flemish sounds so much sexier than dutch ;)
    much love and thank you again for the informative reply :)

  7. Such a cute look, love the dress and the sunglasses!!

  8. great look i love your big sunglasses!


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