mardi 20 avril 2010

Label. Fashion Focus

You guys better run to your nearest magazine store because the new Label. Fashion Focus is in town and it's great! I read it cover to cover last sunday, while enjoying the sun.
This issue introduces us to some great new labels (Super sunglasses, music & fashion by April 77, handmade fashion by Sandra Backlund, ...), a great fashionspread and lots of gorgeous sneakers (would love to get my hands on the Jeremy Scott Adidas shoes with wings!).
What I like the most is that Label takes us behind the scenes of fashion with an article about 'Closed' and interviews with the people behind the labels 'Essentiel' and 'Le Fabuleux Marcel De Bruxelles'.
My favorite article in this issue is the one about fashion and dance. Which of course is about shoes :), to be exact Bloch and Repetto(!!!!) shoes.
I wish I could write about all the great articles in this magazine, but I want you guys to still have something to read when you buy it :)
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  1. Ik had er nogal van gehoord. Bij deze trek ik morgen naar de GB hier om het te kopen. Alhoewel ik dat wel raar vind dat zoiets in de GB te vinden is. Ik dacht dat daar enkel roddelboekskes lagen...


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