jeudi 25 novembre 2010

Shopping @ Maastricht

Last saturday my boyfriend, my sister, her boyfriend and I went to Maastricht to do some shopping. I told you guys before that I really love shopping in the Netherlands. So I was excited to go there, even though I was low on cash (and I still have such a big wantlist)!
Of course we had a great time and I could not come home without buying something...

I found this beautful black/golden skirt at H&M! It's perfect for the holiday parties that are getting closer. Can't wait to try it on!
You have to forgive me for the crappy picture! The color is totally different in real life, I blame my camera and the bad weather!
What's a day of shopping without some beauty shopping?!
From left to right (clockwise): Facial cleaning tissues from Kruidvat for dry & sensitive skin (so easy when I'm too lazy to take of my make-up and it was buy 1 get 1 free), Magnolia scrub from HEMA (such a great scent), Hair mask for colored hair from HEMA (the best hair mask in my opinion) and the golddigger eyeshadow palette from H&M (I'm a sucker for colors in this shade).
What do you guys think of my new buys? Where do you love to shop?
Have a great evening!
Love Imelda

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  1. Hehe i love skirt! After i shop, i am really happy and relax, i think this about my soul hehe :) Love your blog! Follow you :)

  2. Maastricht is echt leuk om te winkelen! :D Mooi rokje trouwens xx

  3. Ik ben nog nooit in Maastricht geweest! Misschien een idee voor een tripje :). Dat rokje is echt supercool, die combinatie van zwart/goud is zo mooi! En inderdaad heel feestelijk. :)

  4. Oh Maastricht is zo fijn! Vroeger ging ik daar vaak rond de kerstperiode met mijn ouders naar toe, nu zit dat er helaas niet meer in door de examens. Maar leuke spulletjes!

  5. heel leuke vondsten - ik ga volgend weekend eindelijk nog eens shoppen na 2 maanden niets te kopen - pff dat gaat een aderlating worden!


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