dimanche 17 octobre 2010

M.A.C buys

A while ago my mom took me to the Estée Lauder fabric shop. It's such a lovely place :) 
You can buy make up, facial care, perfumes, etc. from Estée Lauder brands at a great discount price. If I had no self control I would have bought almost everything, but I only picked these 4 make up products by M.A.C Cosmetics.
Two Eye Pencils (Foxy Lady & Powersurge), eyeshadow in the color Woodwinked and Blot Powder in medium color.
The Foxy Lady eye pencil is a deep red, bordeaux color. Powersurge is a copper color. Both colors are beautiful and the eye pencils are of very good quality. They're not too soft, which makes them easier to use, and they're long-lasting (something we all like).
The Wookwinked (Veluxe Pearl) eyeshadow stole my heart because of the beautiful copper shimmer it has. I'm a sucker for eyeshadows in this shade and I just couldn't resist this one (especially at the discount price).
The swatches: Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl) Eyeshadow, Powersurge Eye Pencil and Foxy Lady Eye Pencil.
My blot powder, we have a love-hate situation going on. I always use a powder after my foundation, because I love a matte finish. To only problem with the blot powder is that when you use a little bit to much, you really see the powder on your face. That's a big No No for everyone! So I use it with caution, because I love a natural look.

Oh, and of course a big thank you to my sweet mom for buying these products for me!

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  1. Leuke spulletjes, die oogschaduw is echt mooi!

  2. wow Imelda, great buys and lovely colours!
    btw, my blog didn't have a virus, it was a spam website that entered it, but my blog is working fine since a long time now :) a technician cleaned it for me :D

  3. het makeupmeisje in me wordt wakker en wilt nu spontaan alle makeup uit dit artikel gaan kopen ♥ (en dat terwijl ik eigenlijk alleen m'n eyeliner + mascara gebruik als oogmakeup haha

  4. Hello sweetie, such great buys.
    Love the colours.
    Hope you had a nice weekend


  5. Oooh, lovely things you've got! :D
    Ik moet daar ook dringend eens heen :))

  6. j'adore les produits mac surtout les fars à paupieres

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