dimanche 31 octobre 2010

My Favorite Beauty Brands: Yes To Carrots

I say yes: Yes To Carrots, Yes To Cucumbers, Yes To Tomatos and Yes To Blueberries! Don't you just love the name of this brand?! 
Wait untill you've read this post and you'll wonder why you didn't know about this brand sooner (or maybe you already love this brand, even better).
In the spirit of "it might just be crazy enough to work," our founders tried mixing the legendary minerals from the Dead Sea with (of all things) organic fruits and vegetables.
See, they knew that organic fruits and vegetables were a great source of skin-enriching vitamins. And they suspected that the special mineral elixir from the Dead Sea would help lock in the magic. And it did. 
That's how Yes To was born. And the funny thing about positivity is, it's utterly contagious. And so, the little company with a big heart soon grew into a bigger company with an even bigger heart.

Click on the picture below for the brand's philosophy:
Yes To Carrots: Created to nourish your skin and hair. If you have normal-to-dry skin and hair, the carrots, the shea butter and sweet almond oil found in the products will add that right amount of moisture to leave you feeling radiant.
Yes To Cucumbers: Created to sooth your skin and hair. Sensitive skin and color-treated hair will find these products gently hydrating and soothing with their organic cucumbers, aloe vera and green tea.
Yes To Tomatos: Created to help you achieve clear skin. For combination-to-oily skin, these products treat and prevent breakouts with tomatoes, salicylic acid and witch hazel.
Yes To Blueberries: Created to help fight the first signs of aging. These age refresh products improves skin firmness and diminishes fine lines. It is formulated with blueberries, cotton thistle and paracress flower.

So products for everyone's skin type. They smell great and do their job (which of course is the most important!). And by buying these products you're supporting the Yes To Seed Fund: click!
So far I've use the Yes To Carrots day & night cream, body lotion, hair conditioner and the berry lip butter. And I'm content with all these products, so let's all say YES TO...

Source: Yes To

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  1. Ik heb er al veel over gehoord en die producten lijken me echt heerlijk! Al vraag ik me af of ik het wel ok zou vinden als mijn haar naar wortels of tomaat ruikt, lijkt me toch een beetje gek!

  2. Wow, this seems so cool!!! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to check it better.


  3. ik zeg 'yes' - denk sowiso dat wat je eet, je huid en haar beinvloed dus waarom niet in producten verwerken?

  4. Ik ben een grote fan van dit merk ^^ Love hun oogcreme ^^


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