dimanche 23 janvier 2011


It's already the end of january and I still haven't shown you guys the Christmas and New Year presents I received this year. So this calls for a post filled with lovely presents.
Before we get to the pictures I want to say that there are some things that I didn't photograph for the blog, like the facial I got from my parents, money and the ring I'm getting from my boyfriend. When I get my ring I'll show it here, I promise.
This gorgeous round box is a gift from my sister. Isn't it beautiful??! She always buys me the best gifts!
I really love the colors, the flowers (which are painted on) and the details on the lid. And it's very big, so it's perfect to put lots of my stuff in.
My sister also got me 2 little plates from Oil & Vinegar. So pretty and summery :) 
The cd 'Sur mes gardes' by Joyce Jonathan is a gift from my boyfriend. When I was in France last summer I really loved hearing her song 'Je ne sais pas' on the radio. When I got home I regretted me not buying her cd and I couldn't find it here in Belgium. So when he was in Paris he brought it home for me as an early Christmas present.
The boyfriend and I spended New Year's eve together with my sister & her boyfriend, my niece & her boyfriend and a friend in my niece her new house. It was a fun evening with delicous food, singstar and band hero games, ... and every year we have to buy a little gift for someone in the group. Our friend Jolien had to buy me a gift and she gave me an Ayurveda giftset from Rituals. And you guys know I'm a Rituals lover, so she couldn't have picked a better gift. The box contained Himalaya Clay, Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel, Brilliant Bliss Shampoo and Honey Touch Body Cream. Smells so good!
At the end of december I entered the giveaway at Eva's Beautyblog for the first anniversary of her blog. I really wanted to win the Ayurveda giftbox she was giving away (I'm an addict!) and it turned out I was the happy winner. Ok, technically this isn't a Christmas present, but for me it is :)
This box contained Himalaya Clay, Shanti Shower Gel and Honey Touch Body Cream. Thanks again Eva for the great giveaway!
What a coincidence that I won this box and a friend gave me almost the same box as a gift, don't you think?
To end this long post I'm posting this video, it's one of my favorite songs from my Joyce Jonathan cd: 'Pas besoin de toi'. Hope you enjoy it!
Do you guys like all the things I got? What did you get for Christmas?

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  1. Zie ik daar my favorite Rituals body lotion? Hahaa! Die doos is inderdaad echt supermooi!

  2. Oh, wat een superleuke cadeautjes heb je gekregen!!! Ook benieuwd naar de ring die volgt ;)

  3. Oeeeh, dat eerste doosje is echt super super leuk!

  4. Die bloemendoos is echt prachtig! Ik hou van bloemendessins en deze is echt wel heel mooi! :)

    Fijn dat je het Rituals setje ondertussen hebt ontvangen! Een dubbele set da's dubbel plezier, al zijn die van mij een beetje kleiner zo te zien ;-)

    Veel doucheplezier!

  5. I love the box your sister gave you, so pretty and such attention to detail. :)

    I really am getting interested in this brand called ritual now....the names are so fascinating.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  6. mmm ik heb ook die rituals producten, die ruiken zooo lekker!!

  7. Great gifts!!! U must be super excited about the ring!

  8. Beautiful gifts. I have the same from Rituals. They smell so lovely.

  9. Die roze fles van rituals,is toch die 'mousse' voor t douchen? die ruikt echt lekker!


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