vendredi 14 janvier 2011

My Favorite Beauty Brands: Lush

I really hope you guys aren't getting tired of me posting about my favorite beauty brands, because I have another brand that I want to talk about today: Lush.
I have a feeling that this brand is already known by all of you. And I'm sure it's so popular because it's a very eco-conscious company with lovely products.

The first Lush shop opened the doors in 1994, but the team behind it was already working together since the 1970s. Today they have more than 500 shops around the world.

Why I love this company so much:
 * Lush doesn't use many machines to make the products, they prefer to let people do the job (to save energy).
 * Lush tries to use as less packaging as possible, so lot's of Lush products have no packaging at all. And the products that do need packaging are placed in packaging that is for 90% recycled.
 * The products are delivered to the shops directly from the factory. So there's no need for huge stocks and lot's of driving around.
 * Lush is a vegetarian company and more than 70% of the products are suited for vegans.
 * Of course Lush doesn't test their products or the ingredients on animals.
 * You can see who made your product (stickers with employees) and when. And of course there's an expiration date on the product.
 * When you buy the Charity Pot, 100% of the profit (except VAT) is donated to a charity concerning animal welfare.

I strongly advise you to check out the Lush website if you want to know more about this company. I've only picked out a few important things this company does, because I simply cannot copy the complete website on my blog (although, I wish I could).

Picking favorites is again out of the question, but I will say that I really like my Bubblegum Lipscrub, the Shampoobars and the Snow Fairy Showergel. Oh and expect some more news from Lush on this blog very soon.

Do you like Lush? What are your favorite products?
Love, Imelda

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  1. ziet er super uit - ook heel leuke kleurtjes: ik ga eens rondneuzen!

    veel succes met examens!

  2. i love lush- use their rose talc. ahhhhmazing!
    <3 mode.


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