lundi 24 janvier 2011

Review: Lush Valentine's Day

Last thurday I already wrote about the limited edition products Lush has in stores right now for Valentine's Day. Today I'll be sharing my opinion with you guys about a few products that I've tested.
Love Birds Soap: This is a great soap, like all other soaps from Lush. The soap smelled different than I expected, I don't smell any vanilla and only a little hint of jasmin. I would discribe it more as the typical soap-scent we all know, but nonetheless a great smell. I'm keeping my soap in a soapdish and everytime I enter my bathroom I get welcomed by the delicious scent (love that)! And I must say that the smell of jasmin is getting stronger everything I use the soap.
I've only tried it to wash my hands, because I don't like the feeling I get when I wash my body with soapbars. The Love Birds Soap leaves my hands hydrated and smelling really good!
The Frog Prince Bath Ballistic: At first I was feeling a bit skeptical about my frog prince. The fragrance of jasmin, neroli and rosewood was very overpowering when I took the bath ballistic out of his packaging. But everything to give my opinion on this blog, so I bravely took it to the bathroom. 
When I placed him in the water the smell became less powerfull and pleasant. And my skin was feeling so soft, so I would really recommend this bath ballistic if you enjoy relaxing in your tub and love soft skin.
Here you can see my frog bubbling in the water. The water in the tub turned out bright green, very funny. Don't you just feel like kissing those red lips? In the left you can also see my prince charming turning up, it was prince Brahim.
That's something I really like about these Lush products. They're not the typical Valentine's Day products but have more funny approach. I guess we all love things that make us smile!
It's Raining Men Shower Gel: If there is anything that everybody should buy from this collection, it's this shower gel. I'm in love (so I guess that's why this shower gel is in the Valentine's Day collection)!
I've only used a little drop on my bath lily and the shower gel became very foamy. The scent of tropical flowers and honey fills your bathroom and leaves you smelling so good (I really couldn't stop smelling). Unfortunately I have very dry skin, so I had to use a bodylotion after my shower. Too bad they don't have a similar bodylotion in the collection.

Did you guys already try some of these products? What are your favorites?

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  1. Love Lush! I used to have a sea salt skin cleanser of theirs and it worked wonders!

  2. Uit de Valentijns-collectie heb ik enkel nog maar de Prince Frog en de douchegel It's Raining Men geprobeerd, vind ze allebei super ruiken!

    Oehhh, mijn prins was Aaron!
    Leuke review trouwens! :D

  3. Ik heb nog nooit van die producten gebruikt, maar die kikker wil ik wel eens uitproberen, ziet er echt leuk uit vind ik hahaa(stiekem wil ik gewoon eens in een groen bad zitten :P)!
    En bedankt trouwens! Jij ook nog veel succes :) ik weet niet of jij nu nog examens hebt, ik neem aan van wel? En meestal zit ik hier ook gewoon in mijn 'domme' jogging hoor, had vandaag gewoon zin om mij eens deftig aan te kleden ^^

  4. Een gebrek aan originaliteit kunnen ze het merk alvast niet verwijten! Ik vind de naam van de douchegel & de prins die uiteindelijk tevoorschijn kwam toch wel goed bedacht.

  5. I love anything bath bomb like, the frog looks so cool!

    As for products I've only used this thing that was charcoal soap? It was black, and left a black ring around the tub

  6. die frog vind ik toch maar bedenkelijk - ik weet niet of ik zin zou hebben in een groen bad...

  7. I love the frog bath bomb so cute, and lately its been happening a lot that lush soaps smell drastically different then they are supposed to. Glad it's not just me who's finding this.

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