mardi 25 janvier 2011

Running Behind

I know you guys might not expect a runway look from FW 2010 on this blog right now (it's so last season, right?). But this Fendi silhouette makes me long for summer even more.
Everything about this look is perfect and I wouldn't mind having it all in my closet! Even the color combination is great. So I'll keep my eyes open for similar things on my next shopping trip.
And how about that hairdo? Too bad I'm not that good to make my hair look that stunning!
What do you guys think about this look? Do you see yourself walking around like this next summer?


5 commentaires:

  1. I love the 'Mad Men' look combined with the Grease hairdo.

  2. i'm dying for summer!! what a cute look.
    <3 mode.

  3. Totaal akkoord met Moon!
    En oooh @ Mad Men! <3

  4. I do like the colour tones and see through bit of the top. I think it will be fashionable for summer :)

  5. ziet er inderdaad geweldig uit - mag ook in mijn kast verschijnen! over haar : oefening baart kunst echt - vroeger lukte het mij nooit maar ben blijven proberen en nu kan ik 1001 kapsels


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