lundi 21 février 2011


When the boyfriend and I were in Maastricht he surprised me with a little gift. I'm such a lucky girl, my boyfriend is the sweetest in the world.
We were checking out the home decorations at De Bijenkorf and we stumbled into a Valentine's Day display. Of course I took a quick look and found this cute tray with cats on it. I love goodies like this, a bit kitsch, funny, sweet, pretty and not too serious.
My boyfriend was so sweet to buy it for me, because he knows I'm a cat lover. The sentence is very sweet and so true!
Of course I'm very happy with this gift, so I just had to show it to you guys!

13 commentaires:

  1. Ohh hoe lief :)
    Btw: ik heb opnieuw gestart met mijn blog wil je me terug volgen? x

  2. aww this is so sweet, my boyfriend and I have a similar valentines day plate with two birds kissing.

  3. HOW SWEET! i love this little plate. pat on the back for the bf! and glad to see you had a sweet v-day imelda!

  4. What a kind boyfriend you have ! This little cats are so cute !

  5. keischattig - jullie zijn toch een goed koppeltje!


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