jeudi 17 février 2011

Testing 1, 2, Lush

That I'm a beauty addict is no secret, but did you already know that I'm thinking of going to rehab? To make sure that doesn't happen I decided to stop buying beautyproducts untill my stash has an acceptable size again. Don't worry, I still have lots of stuff to review and I even have some new products to show you guys. So there's still a place for beauty on this blog.
Today I'll be reviewing 2 Lush products that I've recently tested: American Cream Conditioner and Dream Cream Body Cream.
American Cream Conditioner: "A fruity and creamy conditioner, that makes your hair soft. The scent of honey, vanilla, strawberries and orange is very sexy and sweet. If your hair gets a bit messed up, American Cream makes it easy to brush through and smooth out again. Fresh strawberries are rich in vitamin C and have cleansing properties. Vanilla helps skin and hair to retain moisture."
I think I'm in love. The smell of this conditioner is heavenly, I just can't stop smelling my hair after I use this. This conditioner does exactly what Lush promises, my hair feels soft and is easy to comb through. I'm buying myself a big bottle (of course, after I've used up all my other conditioners).

Dream Cream Body Cream: "Incredibly soothing body lotion for troubled skin. Dream Cream is Lush's best-selling product because it makes sore skin feel good again. Chamomile and lavender calm irritations, reduce redness and banich blotches. Oat milk, which has traditionally been used on troubled skin for centuries, calms the skin. Rose and lavender essential oils are calming for irritated, suffering skin. Dream Cream contains everything nature makes for soothing your skin."
I was very curious to try this body cream. The cream itself is rather thick and takes a while to absorb, I don't really mind that. My skin's very hydrated and soft, so the Dream Cream does what he's supposed to do. But I'm a little bit disappointed, because the frangrance isn't really my cup of tea. I smell lavender (which I really like) mixed with a herbal scent (which I'm not so fond of). I wouldn't buy this cream, because I'm very sensitive when it comes to frangrances. If you like the smell of this cream I really don't see why you wouldn't buy it.

Do you guys use any of these products?

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  1. Lush is zo'n heerlijk merk! Maar heb geen van die producten!

  2. Ik heb nog geen van beide producten gebruikt maar die American Cream Conditioner lijkt me wel fijn!

  3. haarproductjes gebruik ik wel maar bij bodylotion ga ik meestal voor geurloos omdat geparfumeerde mijn huid vlug irriteren.
    ik wil de conditioner wel eens testen

  4. Lush is fantastisch! Ik weet nooit wat te kiezen als ik in de winkel sta, zoveel leuke dingen...


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