lundi 30 mai 2011

Event: Tiany Kirilove By Vero Moda

Last thursday the headquarters of Bestseller in Antwerp were the place to be. Press and bloggers were invited there for the presentation of the Tiany Kirilove by Vero Moda collection.

Tiany Kiriloff is the leading lady of fashion in Belgium, we can al agree on that, so the Danish brand Vero Moda couldn't have picked a better guestdesigner. I mean, if you hear the words limited edition collection, Tiany Kiriloff and Vero Moda in one sentence you can be sure it's Fashion with capital F.
The collection got presented to us by a proud and emotional Tiany and we (of course) were very excited to see the result of a year of hard work. After the first glimpse we all agreed that this collection is a winner.

After the presentation, with a lot of thank yous in both ways, we got the opportunity to feel and try the collection ourselfs. We had to write down our top 3 and that turned out to be much more difficult than I thought it would. I ended up writing down the knitted cardigan, the bright pink blazer and the orange shirt.
We also got spoiled with lots of delicious sweets. Why can't I have a buffet like this one at home everyday? ;)
The collection will be available in Vero Moda shops from the beginning of september and in a selection of multi-brand stores. You'll read all about it here when the time has come.
What are your first opinions about this collection? And what is your top 3?

Pictures taken by Stéphanie, Krizia and Cindy. I forgot my camera that day, clumsy me.

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  1. This looks like it was a fun event to attend! haha I too would love to have a buffet of sweets at my house everyday..

    All the best, Angel

  2. Oh, nice! Die collectie ziet er echt leuk uit :)


  3. Was so much fun :) top 3 includes the cardigan, the blazer and the grey pants :)

  4. oh wat super dat je daarbij aanwezig was! ziet er echt uit als een leuk event, yummy cupcakes haha. volgens mij wordt die collectie alleen in België verkocht of niet?

  5. it was so fabulous meeting you girl. loved it on the train home! you know what you are talking about and i love your style.

  6. Oh, ziet er echt leuk uit! Love Tiany's outfit.

    En dat eten... drooling! ;)

  7. I've heard of this brand before, wish we had it in the US!!


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