mardi 3 mai 2011

Review: Lush Easter Bath Ballistics

I already gave you guys some information about the great goodies Lush had in store for us to celebrate Easter. I didn't mention 2 products, because I had them myself and wanted to test and try them before I wrote something about these 2.
I'm talking about the Fluffy Egg Bath Ballistic and the Hippy Chick Bath Ballistic. Both very cute (almost too cute to use), like we're used from Lush products. 
Fluffy Egg Bath Ballistic: A bright pink Easter egg decorated with some little flowers, suitable for all candy lovers. The smell is very sweet and I like it, just like the Snow Fairy Shower Gel (Christmas product). The waters turns out bright pink, can my water have this color all the time? 
Hippy Chick Bath Ballistic: This sweet little chicken stole my heart the first time I saw him, just too cute.  The frangrance is very refreshing, I smell lemons (not surprising if you know that Lush discribes the scent of this cutie as grapefruit). In the end my skin feels soft and gently perfumed, although I'm a little bit sad that this fella is gone.

All these products are limited edition, but if you're lucky you can still find them in your Lush shop.

Did you try out some of the Lush Easter goodies or are you going to?

8 commentaires:

  1. De geur van dat roze ei is echt zalig hé! Pure verwennerij! :)

  2. Ziet er leuk uit voor een ontspannend bad te nemen :) die eerste zou ik denk ik het leukste vinden!

  3. Dat ei was echt zalig! Roze water ftw! :)

  4. Die bal met bloemetjes ziet er echt leuk uit :D
    Ik zelf heb niks van de collectie gekocht xx

  5. Oh, die eerste ziet er echt leuk uit :D Ik was verkocht toen je vertelde van het roze water, hahaa! Ik ben echt een fan van al zo'n badartikelen, vooral van die bruisende bollen ^^

  6. vooral dat roze ei lijkt mij heerlijk!

  7. They look really cute for easter!

  8. Ik had ook deze twee, zalig!! De roze is al in men bad beland en hij ruikt heerlijk :)


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