vendredi 20 mai 2011

Imelda's Inspiration Pt.7

I have so many inspirational pictures on my laptop, but when I'm composing these articles the words don't always come to mind. So for today I'll just let the pictures do most of the talking.
This Dolce & Gabbana Fur Print Skirt has been on my wishlist ever since the first time I saw it. Isn't this a beautiful piece?
I simply love this picture! This one is also hanging in my living room, in a nice golden frame of course :)
Emmanuelle Alt has such an amazing style! I just had to share a picture of her, because she's a great source of inspiration for me.
It's no secret to you guys that I love macaroons, but these are the cutest ones I've ever seen. Hooray for cheeseburger macaroons!
Lately I love to wear my hair in a high bun. I should really try this look with bows and matching nailpolish.

Have a great weekend!

Sources: Tumblr, Polyvore & ???

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  1. Oeeeh, die macarons! Zouden ze dan ook naar cheeseburger smaken? ;)

  2. Aaaah, macarons zijn echte te lekker idd:P en deze zien er super lief uit!

  3. Die macarons zijn te schattig! :D

    x Krizia

  4. Cute :) die laatste foto moet ik mss ook eens uitproberen :)

  5. Die macarons! Zo schattig, maar wedden dat ik ze niet zou durven opeten? Heb ik met mooie marsepeinen figuurtjes ook altijd :-) X

  6. dat knotje met strikjes is echt té lief!

  7. That is such a lovely skirt. You can tell that all the detail and work gone into it is amazing!

  8. have you seen this before?

    if you like, I can give you an invite?

  9. Hey you!

    I just picked you to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award :) Check out my blog (or this link: to see what it's about. Hope you're happy about your 'prize' :)


  10. The last one is pretty! Matching nail polish should be very sweet, I want to try that :)
    xoxo Yasemin

  11. J'adore l'imprimé de la jupe !

  12. Haha die macarons, zo grappig!

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