lundi 16 mai 2011

Press Days @ Antwerp

A month after the press days at Brussels it was time to visit the press days at Antwerp. I only visited 3 pr-agencies, because I had to work untill 2 o'clock. Again I saw some serious wish-list material (well, that's no surprise) and I'll share my absolute favorites in this post.

I met up with Stéphanie, Kim, Hanne & Astrid (my company in Brussels aswell) at my first stop Oona. Or should I say ExpOona? They did a great job creating a fun atmosphere by making the showroom look like a museum.
 Forever 21. 
Can't wait for the shops in Antwerp en Brussels to open!
 Essentiel shoes that I really really really need!
 WOLF. By Sophie Claes

Our next stop was the Pravda showroom, located in a beautiful loft-style building (I really want a house like that). I was excited to see what Steve Madden had designed for the comming season and I discovered some great new brands.
 Steve Madden
 Flamingo's and ruffles at Edith&Ella, love it!
 Annelies Timmermans

My last stop of the day was UPR (thanks to Kim for giving me a lift). I was most curious to see if L'Occitane En Provence and Rituals had some new things. Next to these 2 favorite brands, I also found some other great pieces that I simply must have!
 A new line by L'Occitane En Provence. 
Can't wait to try it out!
I love the matte finish!
 Hugo Boss

I hope you enjoyed these faves and that you're looking forward to the next season as much as I do.

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  1. We hebben alvast dezelfde Essentiel schoenen op onze wishlist staan :)

  2. As I was looking down I was thinking "I must say I love the red booties and the.....". At the end I realized that I love all that you posted... lol ;-)

    Hope things are great with you sweetie.


  3. Nice! :D
    Zo jammer dat we elkaar weer gemist hebben...

  4. Mooie selectie van foto's! Die rode botjes zijn geweldig x

  5. Die schoenen van essentiel zien er inderdaad geweldig uit!

  6. Leuke foto's
    die leopard Steve Madden heels zijn to die for

  7. i wish i can get the flamingo top e the red boots are my fave! beijossss

  8. Oooh superleuke spulletjes weer!

  9. Ive only been to trade shows, but it really is so amazing to get sneak peeks of lovely things to come isnt it?!


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